Megan Fox Before and After!


Megan Fox, beautiful American actress and model famous by her breakthrough role in Transformers and these days Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
She describes herself as “a control freak”.
Does it forced her on a plastic surgery, whether she really did it, we cannot claim, but one thing we know for sure the news about Megan Fox plastic surgery has shocked the public.

Even if she does not confirm the plastic surgery attempts, and the fact that she become victim of bad plastic surgery results, the fans are shocked. She posted on Facebook photos which claim that she didn’t make plastic surgery; she showed the wrinkles on her forehead and raised the eyebrows (which is definitely difficult to do with Botox injected face).

One thing is sure. Megan Fox has natural beauty, which also confused those who do plastic surgery !

I let you decide by yourself which is the truth!