Let’s Celebrate the Love Every Day!


Vincent van Gogh said: “Love is something eternal. The aspect may change, but not the essence! “

Valentine’s Day is definitely the day when we are showing love and appreciation to our dearest.
But My stance on Valentine’s Day remains the same: The Love should be celebrated every day! We should show love to our loved ones every by showing little attention and care or doing something special.
I think that the Valentine’s Day is a good excuse for those who don’t have / or don’t want to find time to show love and respect every day to the partner and to the dearest family. And of course it is a big (sometimes also expensive) pressure!

In addition to that, I’ am sharing with you this video. It is an advertisement for shampoo, which confirms my opinion that the Love has the power to create beauty, and of course not only on the Valentine’s Day. Enjoy the Video and celebrate the beauty of the life and the love every day because Love creates beauty!

So relax and keep in mind: Do not overdo it with the euphoria about the holiday. And if you are single don’t feel sad, invite your friends for dinner, order pizza, watch some interesting movie and enjoy this Day. Don’t forget to make some interesting photos and videos and of course don’t forget to laugh.

What is your stance on Valentine’s Day? Do you celebrate it and if not why not?!