Learning Another Language – Hear The Stars Speaking Foreign Languages !? (Video)


You’ll be surprised how many things you didn’t know about the world of the famous stars.

For example, while you watch how they are dressed and what haircut they wear, they can also surprise you with some Russian, German and Italian accent.

Mila Kunis can actually speak fluent russian.
At 7 years old she lived in Ukraine, where she was acknowledged to speak it.

Sandra Bullock speaks German and she’s great.
Her mother was a german opera singer, so she seized the opportunity to learn another language.

Gwyneth Paltrow surprises with spanish, but the story how she learned to speak it’s more interesting. Apparently, at 15 years old she constantly visited a small spanish town, just to be able to listen and admires to the language and the culture.

Zoe Saldana also loves spanish, but she inherited from her parents who are originally from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Shakira speaks 5 different languages , which she learned them on her own, just traveling around the world.
Besides english, she speaks excellent portuguese and italian.

Johnny Depp lives in France, where apparently he learned it from there.
However, you can barely hear or see him speak french, only on this short video.

Bradley Cooper during his education he perfected the French, which is just another proof of his sexappeality.