Lavender Mask: Feed Your Skin in the Summer Days!


It’s summer and we all want to come back well suntanned from our vacation. To achieve that we put various creams, oils and everything that we have heard about that can help in getting good suntan. In this way we torture our skin and it need more care than regularly.

We have for you one very simple mask that contains only 4 ingredients. It will calm and refresh your skin and it will turn back its shine. We will show you how to make a perfect homemade face mask that it’s very cheap and easy to prepare, but it’s very helpful natural facial mask.

What do you need?
– 3 tablespoons yogurt
– 4 drops essential lavender oil
– One tablespoon dried lavender
– One tablespoon honey

Mix the ingredients in bowl, than leave it to stay in the cooler for 20 minutes. Dab the mixture on your face (evade the part around the eyes) and let it stay for 20 minutes. Than wash your face with tepid water and than you can put moisturizing face cream. This is the best natural skin product for this hot days.