Keyboard Button Mosaics by Guy Whitby!


Guy Whitby is an Australian artist that is inspired by the global transition into the digital era for his portraits.

In that way, he uses variety of buttons of a common keyboard, phones, calculators and type writers to create amazing pixelated portraits of celebrities.

With his talented hand in photo manipulation he combines button by button until he compiles the right combination for achieving realistic portraits. His uniqueness is in the successful mix of the large assortment of buttons of different devices and designs which end up with admiring, time-consuming pieces of art.

You can find his work arts by the name WorkByKnight (WKB) on his deviantArt profile.

We offer you below a gallery of his work and it is not by the case a gallery with small pictures in way that you can see the portraits of famous pictures.

I must admit that amazes me the creativity of the artists like Guy Whitby that use such a regular things to create something really creative!