Kardashians Behind the Scenes – Their Secrets Revealed!


As always when it comes to secrets of celebrities, the housekeeper or the babysitter know the most about the life and the hidden secrets of the celebs in whose houses they live.
Finally we have facts which show the reality, that not everything is shown on the Keeping Up With the Kardashians show.
The family’s ex housekeeper revealed some of their secrets.

The most stunning one is the following:
Kim’s bedroom and bathroom are always dirty; no matter how often they were cleaned…

He added: “the minute Kim entered everything was trashed — like a tornado had just gone through it.”
And about her bed, he says: “There was always mascara and foundation everywhere.”
Kim sleeps with make up on her face. She wants to sleep on fresh clean white silk every single night, so the sheets must be changed daily, because every single morning they are dirty and covered with make up.

The most surprising moment here is that despite everything Kim has spotlessly clean skin.
The source revealed that Kris is a secret drunk, and she walks drunk into walls and Bruce forgets his lingerie under the bed.

However most sympathetic among all obviously were Kim and Kanye. He described Kim as “extremely humble” and “down to earth” and about Kanye he said: “he was polite and nice but didn’t talk too much.”