Journey To The Future: With This “Transparent” Plane You’ll See Things That Will Take Your Breath Away!


This aircraft will be exactly a part of our future, and because of its unique design deserved to win an International Prize.
The team that created this aircraft changed the conventional thinking regarding the exterior and interior.
Under the innovative concept from the designers, in the aircraft of the future you will always sit next to the window, though in fact the plane will not have windows.


The company for global design presented an innovative project in which the roof will be made of special material, and it will be attached cameras that will record the space around, as it will be possible a panoramic view.
Pictures from the cameras will be displayed on the display panel in the cabin, found on the walls and roof, giving the passengers a unique sense that are flying in a “transparent” aircraft.


When the screens will not show the real image of the exterior, the panel will transmit pictures or video conferencing or different landscapes and panoramas.


The futuristic “IXION” transparent plane is projected by Technicon Design Team from France for the needs of aero-rally National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Show.
This plane of the future is also welcomed by many industry leaders, and because of its striking exterior design he received an award in the International Yacht and Aviation Awards of 2014.


Gareth Davies, design director at Technicon Design studio, which is located in Paris, said that the brief of the project is simple and he and his team wanted to show something new and completely different and not just a fantasy.


At the end, the team said that the passengers in the plane will feel much more comfortable and more convenient because you will always be surrounded by beautiful panoramic view.