Is the Good Sex Key of a Happy Relationship / Marriage! Here is the Answer!

Love is one of the most important parts of our life. To love and to be loved is a blessing.
To maintain a long term relationship is a mastership. To be successful in this is especially important part of every successful marriage!
Studies have shown that the sex doesn’t have the main role in every healthy relationship / marriage.
Good sex life comes on 8th place, after respect, honesty, patience, laughing together …

Sarah Thompson, lawyer for Slater & Gordon, who also made studies bout the happiness in marriage, said: ‘What’s clear from my work as a family lawyer is that marriage can be hard work.

She mentions that one of the biggest reasons about failed relationships is not the sex but: problems communicating and not being able to compromise.
Another important think which will help you to reduce stress in the relationship /marriage is to avoid attacking and bickering. Of course we think that we are always right, but try to forget your ego and be objective.


Do not always blame the partner. Maybe you should change something by yourself. Be realistic.
It will contribute to quickly finding solution and introduction of peace and harmony between you.

Do not make conclusions by yourself. Learn the art of talking and listening without screaming and making tension, hear the other side peacefully think about that version of the story. It might sound more logical. Admit when you are wrong and remember – Don’t go to bed on an argument!
Another important moment in a healthy happy relationship / marriage is the adaptability and respect.

You must learn to adapt to the partner and his way of life. Everyone has the right to privacy and individuality. So if the partner wants sometimes to go out with friends on a beer or to stay at home with the guys to watch football in front of the TV respect it and let him do it. You can go shopping with your girlfriends. Give him time to miss you. You certainly will return fulfilled and happy and thus makes you even more attractive to him.

Have realistic expectations. Adapt your requirements depending on lifestyle and earnings of both of you.

Find time just for you two! Successful couples never stop dating!
Do things together, consider ideas for renovating your home, watch some movie, laugh, play some social game or simply go to a short walk.
Be honest. Apologize when you mess up! Say I love you every day, or if you cannot do it, just show it.

Do not lie, do not play games. If you believe that your partner is attractive in other pants say it honestly. Or maybe you like his old hairstyle more than the new one. Just say it honestly.
Have a good sex life. It doesn’t mean you should have sex every day. Let the next foreplay start right after you finish with the sex not just few minutes before it. It keeps you in the game even when you are not playing it.

“The grass is greenest where you water it.”

Happy couples have learned not to be selfish. They to put their energy into making themselves and their marriage better.
Do not expect a perfect marriage. Problems are part of reality, learn to beat them together!

Celebrate anniversaries! It is not necessarily to make some big and expensive parties. Celebrate that moment on a simple sympathetic way!

Don’t forget the attraction. We are all visual creatures. The partner will notice it. Paying attention on the personal care and health are part of each healthy relationship.  Here you must not forget the part regular exercising!

As a conclusion:

In a healthy relationship should invest the both partner.
“A happy relationship requires more maintenance than your car! ;)”