iPhone 5s Camera – Pixels Specifications Must Know Features and 8 Free Apps!


We all know that Apple with each new innovated product offers not just a new ordinary product, but also an article worth to be mentioned in the history of the technological breakthroughs, product which further improves our daily life and functioning.

This was also confirmed by the appearance of the beautiful Apple 5S iPhone.

It is simply timeless smartphone and your perfect companion for anywhere.
And one of the most remarkable features of the iPhone 5S, which totally replaces every good photo camera is the iSight camera.
It is made to take perfect photos without much effort. iPhone knows its job perfectly so you don’t have to worry about setting up options for the perfect photography. The smartphone itself recognizes the conditions and knows when to use more light, flash, colors …
And … of course Apple does not give much importance to the number of megapixels, but to the quality of the photos. And the 8 megapixels together with the sensitive sensor are for them enough for reaching the goal “perfect photo”, better than some photos made by professional photographers.
To the improved options for the images contribute also the True Tone flash with 2 LEDs, which can choose the perfect nuance for the picture, not so cool, not so warm and at the same time natural-looking. The same thing happens when you record moments in stunning 1080p HD videos.

There is also the famous Burst Mode, which gives you the opportunity to capture 10 pictures per second. The result is clear. You don’t have to worry, just simply choose the perfect photo of all photos you have made with.
This option is especially good for photographing kids or scenes like jumping. You can choose the best picture and delete all other, or you can save all and make beautiful action story from jump to the landing.

The ISP signal processor together with the powerful A7 chip and the fast sensor also contribute to the reaching the goal perfect photo and video.

Don’t forget to enjoy the slow motion video option. This year on my winter holiday I have made with my iPhone 5 crazy video together with 2 friends of mine, while singing “Come on babe light my fire … ” – (Light My Fire – The Doors). It was simply beautiful feeling combination of fun, laugh, happiness and joy.

Behind all this great features hides the Super Mobile Operating System iOS 7, it allows you to use the camera for different formats like still, panorama, square, video, and slo-mo and also to be even more creative while using the 8 filters before or after making the photo.
Save the pictures and collect the moments and years via the smart mosaic grouping. It will amaze you every time you open your photo collector whit the idea to remind yourself on some past moments.
And don’t forget to share the photos and the videos with your dearest people via the smart option iCloud!

In addition I will gladly share with you my TOP  iPhone 5S Free Photography APPS. Try them:
PhotoGrid, PicsArt, Snapseed, SpaceEffect, SplashEffect, WraoFrame, SnapStory and DecoBlend
As a contribution to the phrase that anyone and anywhere can make beautiful timeless photos with the iPhone, this week we have read the information that Apple has new member in the team – Ari Partinen, former senior camera engineer at Nokia. He officially announced the new moment on his Twitter account:
“Today will be my last day working for the amazing #Lumia family. In June I will start a new chapter in Cupertino, California. Much love!”

He will work on the next generation of iPhone and iPad cameras, and everything that we can expect is another new beautiful timeless product, better than the previous one.