iOS 7 is Coming Out, Finally & Officially Welcome – 12 Must Know Things!


The software version iOS 7, also known as the Proper Example for Simplicity & New Totally Different Experience announced on the World Developers Conference this Juni in San Francisco, is finally coming out tomorrow (18.September)
We all know that Apple is continuously working on the great design and the functionality of their products. They must be at the highest level. So here are the must know features and info’s about the new iOS:

Release date 18.September

It will be available for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, the iPad 2, iPad third and fourth generation, the iPad mini and the iPod touch.


Simple minimalistic design, which offers at the same time in one place all necessary features and via the New Control Center it offers the opportunity for one swipe access to the things apps you want to use.

Multitasking smart and quick option, which saves your favorite and most used apps and simply knows what you want to do before you do it. Thus conserve you time and nerves.

For the photography lovers there is the new iOS 7 camera and photo collector, ready for helping you to capture the perfect moment, to save and organize your pictures and videos, based on time and place. And via the filters you can bring even more effects and “delight” to every photography and share them via iCloud.

There is also the AirDrop for iOS – share option, with no additional settings and secure sharing data with other iOS devices nearby.

The New Control Center offers quick access for operations, you need to be committed immediately without a lot of the menu listing like Bluetooth activation/deactivation, “do not disturb” or turn on/off airplane mode.
Safari is the moment, which allows you more to enjoy browsing and searches, showing on your Apple device more content than ever. Its friend iCloud will secure remember the data, your email account, passwords you use online or credit card number, so you don’t need to enter them every single time you open your email, or buy something online.


And because “to be updated Today and Tomorrow is what matters” there is the new Notification Center to update you and to take care for you to not miss anything: new mail, mist call, birthday, weather … via the feature called Today, but also to get a heads-up on Tomorrow.

And there is also the iTunes Radio with its 5 Top Advantages, which will simply be your special music world and your personalized radio.

And finally also must mention Siri, the personal assistant of your apple device, which makes all searches and the web browsing are more interesting and easier