Interesting Facts about Rayovac!


USA Brand for lithium photo batteries and specialty batteries, LED flashlights, lanterns, bulbs, hearing aid batteries …

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Founded by James Bowen Ramsay in 1906 in Madison, Wisconsin USA

Rayovac transformed the name in 1930 to Ray-O-Vac and in 2005  to Spectrum Brands

Today Rayovac possess also other battery companies like: Varta, Ningbo Baowang, and Microlite S.A..

In 2004 Rayovac enacts a successful step, getting involving in collaboration with Energizer as RadioShack’s battery provider, today selling via RadioShack the battery brand Enercell, produced by Eveready.

In 1971 Rayovac is awarded for the patent for silver oxide button cells

The famous basketball superstar Michael Jordan becomes in 1995 the talker for Renewable Reusable Alkaline Batteries and Power Station chargers

In 1996 Rayovac produced a new “hands-free” flashlight

Rayovac made also alkaline batteries ranging in size from AAA to 9V, the “Renewal” rechargeable alkaline batteries, and various types of NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride).


The Rayovac batteries have recharge times less than 15 minutes.

New alkaline Rayovac batteries guarantee power and are ready to use

Rayovac Lasts as Long as Duracell Coppertop and Energizer Max

Rayovac is proudly made in the USA

100% offers Money Back Guarantee

Rayovac offers high Performance articles, with guaranteed durability for 10 years (5 years for 9V)

Rayovac Alkaline batteries supply with energy the devices that you use every day, like toys and games, flashlights, clocks, smoke alarms …

The best source for any occasion: Whether camping, hunting, at work or just spending time with the family at home.

Rayovac LED lights last longer than 100,000 hours!

Rayovac Standard Bulbs, Krypton, Xenon Bulbs – Quality Bulbs are more effective than other bulbs, provide white light and use less energy

Rayovac offers “Green products “conserve energy & no mercury”.

Rayovac Heavy Duty is the best solution for items like flashlights, smoke detectors, radios, watches, remote controls …

If You want power and durability – you can trust Rayovac, long-lasting power and great values.