How To Prepare Absolutely Health Homemade Suntan Oil!


The summer is here so we all think about how to get the perfect suntan. Some of us have already been on the summer vacation while the rest is making planes and prepair their suitcases and wait for the vacation to start. However the only worry for the first ones is how to keep the attained suntan and for the second ones is how to achieve the best possible suntan this summer.

We offer the best recipe for those who haven’t been on their summer vacation to prepare their own health homemade suntan oil with natural herb. For the other ones, you can save this recipe for the next summer.

Herbal infused homemade oils include all the healthy and healing benefits of the used herb. You can make healthy natural oil with almost every herb and use it in thousands ways from marinades, frying, salad dressing to lotions, creams and liniments. The best way to get the most benefits from the herbs is to use the cold fusion method.


According to grandma’s experience, the best herb for the best suntan is the yarrow, which is a common name for its latin name Achillea Millefolium.

• First of all you have to gather the herb. If you use fresh herb you’ll need enough to fill the jar. You also have to make your herbs wilt sitting out in a single layer overnight. You MUST make sure that the herbs are completely dry before you start preparing your herbal oil. If there is only a small moisture it will cause your oil to go mold or rancid.

• Crash or tear the herbs and lightly pack into a sterilized, clean glass jar. If you have dried herbs, than fill the jar about one third. If you dispose of fresh herbs fill the jar completely.
• Pour high quality cold pressed, virgin olive oil over the herbs and stir gently to get rid of the air bubbles.

• Than, cap the jar and don’t forget to label it. There is a chance for the oil to overflow, so to avoid damage place the jar in small bowl. If that happen stir the infusion again to get rid of all air bubbles.

• Stock the jar in cool and dark place, where there is no direct sunlight, for 2-6 weeks.

• The crucial thing is that the oil stays with the herbs in it no longer than 6 weeks because in that case may go rancid.

• When 6 weeks pass, strain out the herbs through cheesecloth, once or twice if it’s necessary and than pour it into a sterile, clean jar or bottle and you suntan oil is ready.

Other oils that are good for suntan are: coconut oil, hazelnut oil, extra virgin olive oil, wheat-germ oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, green tea herb extracts and St John’s wort oil. Besides that these herbs have beneficial features to get the perfect suntan for this summer, the oil will make your skin so soft that you get double benefit from the use of the natural oil.

We’ll be very grateful if you share with us your experience with this matter 🙂