How to Make Awesome Pink Panties Drink With Vodka?


Vodka – the famous alcoholic beverage and part of the sexiest cocktails in the world:

Vodka martini,
Vodka tonic,
Cranberry vodka,
White Russian,
Bloody Mary,
Sex on the beach

and many others is also part of the so called famous Pink Panties Drink.

In summer in this warm days, every fresh drink is welcome. So that’s why I am sharing with you the recipe and also the video how to make awesome Pink Panties Drink With Vodka.


Vodka (I prefer Smirnoff)
frozen pink lemonade
Ice, cubed or shaved
1 Lemon

Serve the drink into margarita glasses and for deco you can use Strawberries or Lemon!
Mix it all, pour one small cup of liquor into the blender… and Enjoy with your Love or with friends !