How to Keep Your Man Interested!


We all know women are good at seduction but there is number of beautiful ladies, which ask themselves how to keep my man / boyfriend interested and also how to please my man in bed?
There are numbers of cases when the man loses the attention as soon as the girl thinks she finally has caught it. So what is the problem? Are they complicated creatures?

The answer is: no, they are so simple and so relaxed. So maybe this is the first think every girl must know.

Guys are not complicated creatures
Do not understand guys as complicated and difficult, the sooner you realize that they are too simple and spontaneous, the sooner you create a special close relationship with the guy you like.

Be yourself and Forget playing games
That is the biggest mistake every girl make. In this case one thing is sure she just looks desperate and ridiculous. And that’s all.
Be yourself be spontaneous. Don’t compare yourself to other women. It just makes you look insecure in his eyes.
There is nothing funnier than playing the role of being someone else, so be natural and be yourself.

Don’t be open book
Keep him interested. Don’t tell everything about you on the beginning, like that you are good driver, or good cooker, or that you cannot watch crimes or even worse that you hate watching football and other sports.
The time will show you that also the lying on the bed and watching football with your man can be really enjoyable. He knows to appreciate it. So next time when you want go shopping with him he will hang out with pleasure without complaining.
Also if you don’t tell him at the beginning how good you can cook, he will not expect special tasty meals from you, will be definitely surprised when you prepare something for him and will for sure even more like you, or even better: he will show you how good he can cook.
Record his favorite TV movie or get him tickets to a match for his favorite team.


Men love surprises
Don’t think that you should spend a lot of money to impress him. He will be impressed also with some simple beautiful gesture like simple kiss and hug, massage with his favorite body lotion, organize some interesting trip, by him his favorite perfume or maybe surprise him on some totally ordinary night with some new sexy underwear.
Do not overdo it! Don’t do that too often. He will understand it as normal part of your relationship and very soon will not be impressed no matter what you have done and also no matter how much effort you have invested.

Find the balance
Do not force him to go out if he don’t’ want it or if he is tired. Maybe he just wants to go out and play football with his friends, play the newest game on PS4 or simply to sit in the pub and enjoy a beer mug with his buddies. That doesn’t mean he is not interested on you. He just wants to have time for himself and for his male hobbies. Give him time without making theater; it shows that you respect him and also his friends; he’ll be thankful for that.
Do not control and examine his trust. Guys are realistic and honest. If he is not interested he will show it without playing games.
If you don’t trust him when you should, than he will start to punish you for not trusting him

Jokes make the relationship stronger
Do not understand your relationship too seriously. Guys adore the kidding about you and some of your characteristics, for example that you have funny pinkie pajamas, or that you look funny with your messy nails (even if you just told him that you already reserved the term for manicure and pedicure) etc. Laugh together with him and try to not get mad immediately.

If he goes too far, than simply tell him that.

But Don’t forget the sense of humor

Being able to make a guy laugh and being able to laugh with him are very important ingredients of every healthy relationship. That will definitely keep him interested and he will adore to spend a lot of time with you.

Boost his self confidence
Guys want to receive compliments as well as you. They also are trying to look nice and orderly to be proven in any field as well as you.

Congratulate him to the successfully obtained deal; tell him how nice he looks in the new jacket, comment that the results of the workout in a gym are already visible, or just how sexy his new perfume smells.

Let him be gentle-manlike
Pay attention to all the “gentlemanly” moments (like opening the door, preparing dinner for you etc.) he does for you and let him know that you appreciate it and it means a lot of you.
Do not force him to show you his love and in public places
Men don’t like forcing into holding your hand and kissing you in public.
Men are closed creatures and they don’t share their feelings in public very gladly.
Most important is that he honestly prices you and loves you. And that is what matters above all.


Be always confident and beautiful
That doesn’t mean that you must boost your ego continuously, but realistic men adore confident girls. Take care regularly about your look and hygiene practice natural beauty, do not put too much effort with make up and unnatural hear style.
Don’t be dolled up all the time, show him how you look in a ponytail and sweats.
Important is to feel good in your body, also on some special dinner, do not overdo it with too small dress which makes you feel uncomfortable and funny.
He simply adores the moment when he kisses you and feels the smell of freshness and purity on you. Also exercise regularly. Earlier was the gym typical place for practicing for guys. But thanks god that period is over, and now also the ladies can enjoy the advantages of the gym.
Have other things to do, hang out with your girls, go shopping, drink cocktails or practice Zumba fitness. He won’t be jealous. He wants to spend some time alone, and after that he will for sure miss you and will impatiently wait the moment to give you attention.

Initiate sex
Surprise him when he doesn’t expect it. Guys adore such surprises. They don’t always want to be the one asking for it. Have sex in different places, wear something sexy while cooking …
Ask him what excites him and play the game by his rules. There’s nothing sexier to a guy than a girl who cares about his sexiest dreams.

Be financially secure
Find some good job and put effort to be good and successful in that. Guys are afraid of insecure girls that must be treated with extra attention. Gain habit to save some money each month. He will be surprised when he is financial weak and you will come out ahead with your savings.

Be happy and healthy

Guys want to take care about you and have naturally tendencies to protect you.
But you must show him that you are happy, healthy and satisfied with yourself. There is nothing more terrific for a guy to tell him that you need him to make you happy or to help you to overcome your depression. He will immediately run away from you and never come back.