How To Achieve Korean No Makeup Look – Top 3 Must Know Keys!


We already talked about the beauty and mentioned that The Beauty is a relative thing, knowing the fact that every person and also every culture have a different taste and beauty standards.

But the thing that matters and is always “in” is pure natural beauty. You can achieve it simply with healthy lifestyle as I mentioned in my previous article but if you want to use make up, than you should practice simple clean look and natural make up.

One of the most famous pretty look, which lately becomes even more popular, is the so called “Korean no makeup look”.
The pretty Korean ladies pay big attention to few important things. So here are the 3 must know key secrets how to achieve the Korean beauty.
Short and clear – Korean woman pay attention to the simple fresh look without much makeup!
The attention is directed to the following points:

Beautiful eyes,

V-lined face and

Clear healthy porcelain skin which is always in and heavily prized!

So must have make-up products are: BB –cream, Black Eye Liner, Eyebrow Pencil and Creamy Pinky Lipstick.
They favor the whitening creams because bright and clean skin is always associated with aristocratic appearance. The most famous cream is the so called BB (beauty balm) cream originally produced in the 1960s in Germany.

Applying a little pinky rouge to the cheeks is the last step.

Oral Hygiene is also one of the “must have on mind” things, if you want to achieve the Korean beauty look.
The Korean people pay big attention to the oral hygiene.
Testimony to this is the fact that you can meet people in a public washing their teeth.

Confirmation of the importance and the trend to achieve the look of Korean beauty is that a lot of Koreans companies, including Amore Pacific are one of the major players in the U.S. beauty market.
In addition look at the video and Follow the steps for applying the makeup!

The No Make UP Тrend for simple beauty and clean skin is always “In” but nowadays in the world of technological breakthroughs and
opportunities for plastic surgery of any body part, the simplicity is even more appreciated! You surely already know, Big Boobs Are Not Trendy any More!

The thing, which makes the Korean ladies even more special is the fact that they Respect themselves above all, they really take care of themselves and they really pay attention to everything:
Their look, health, body, fantastic sense of humor, adventurous spirit, awesome personality and education which give them additional level of self-confidence.


Korean Beauty Revolution! Yes it is already beauty trend in USA and also in Europe and if you ask me, I am not wondering why!