Happy International Hug Day – Free Hugs!

Today we celebrate the International Hug Day. The day was launched on January 21, 1986 and devised by Rev. Kevin Zaborney.   At first it was proclaimed as National Hug Day in the United States, but later it was spread all over the world. Zaborney never thought that his idea would become worldwide famous and he wanted to encourage people to hug their family and friends more often. Also the “godfather” of this day considered that American society is embarrassed to show couple-huggingfeeling in public and hoped that a national day of hugs would change that. hugging-day Why January 21? Zaborney chose this date because it falls between Christmas and New Year’s holidays and Valentine’s Day and these days in between are considered by many scientists as the most depressed days of the year.  Why hug? Hugging has be proven to have many health benefits: hugs increase the level of oxytocin, reduce blood pressure, help building a good immune system, reduce the risk of heart disease, improves the mood that is hugs improve both psychological anInternational hugging dayd physical development. Furthermore, hugging is not strictly a human behavior. Many animal species also use this kind of intimacy to exchange warmth.  Everybody has felt the amazing feeling that streams trough the body when hugging, so don’t miss to present today as more hugs as possible. Hug your family, hug your friends, your colleagues, everybody that you will meet in the street and make this day more beautiful.