Google, Mercedes Benz and Fashion Latest NEWS From the Tests About the Google Glasses!


It is clear that before the release of the Google glasses the people talk and analyze item, primarily its practicality in our everyday life, as well as the fashion aspect.
Google Glass makes open space for usage in all areas: media, technology, cars, business, health and also fashion.

The September encyclopedic issue of Vogue contains an 12 pages editorial with models wearing Google glasses. With this Vogue definitely gives a place to the Google glasses in the High Fashion Family.

They will also appear and will rock the fashion world, as a “must have” fashion accessories on this year’s New York Fashion Week. Nina Garcia of “Project Runway” and Marie Claire will wear them.

The latest news about the glasses are that they will have facial tracking software Sension Technology, for helping the users to recognize emotional cues in real time.

This innovates an 18-years old Catalin Voss student on the Stanford University. He hopes that this software will help in the education of many people with autism including his cousin

“It’s exciting for us to see our software making real change,” said Voss.

Google engineer’s also founded a solution for people who wear glasses or eye lenses. It is Google glass, which can be integrated into the lenses of people’s eyeglasses, so in this way they will be able to have a flow of information as well as on the actual Google glasses: news, email reading and receiving data.

Mercedes Benz considers the Google Glasses as an integral part of the automotive industry in the future; they test the integration of the glasses in the Mercedes cars via so called ”Door-to-Door Navigation”.
But because of the problem that Google doesn’t have offer support for iPhone yet and Mercedes doesn’t work on Android yet, Mercedes must firstly wait for the Google’s Android integration for Mercedes, which should come in 2014.