Google Glasses Improves the Features – Newest HDR Photography & Blocked Nudity Contains and Apps!


Despite many pro & con arguments about the Google glasses, Google does not stop, but continually improves the options and features of the glasses before their officially start selling in the market.

The newest updates are related with the photo camera and they are HDR photography and on-the-fly photo captions.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, such as by the today’s modern smartphones, allows you to do more photos in succession and then merge the best features of all in one best possible photo.

hdr-google-glassesGoogle also made ​​a ban of several applications, like facial recognition apps and content that contains nudity.

According to a source of Google, the glasses don’t allow contents like: nudity, graphic sexual acts, or sexually explicit material.

The software Company Seattle MiKandi (pronounced as “my candy” ), the first mobile app store in the world for porn applications for a mobile Android devices, published the first pornographic application for the Google glasses (on Monday, May 03.2013), but Google immediately changed some rules and policies regarding this issue, and it was immediately blocked.