Girls, Attract Your Summer Sympathy in 5 Ways – From a Man’s Point of View!


One important thing about the whole world is spinning around is the attractiveness! There are millions ways to Attract love into your life. Most importantly above all is to be natural. Also you should be relaxed and spontaneous. Some people follow the quote “dress to impress”. Yes it is definitely important for the first impression, because we are all visual creatures.

We will all agree, summer is the perfect time to show your attractiveness.

If you are not brave enough by yourself to finish the whole thing, then call your friends to help you.
It’s summer, you don’t know each other, and the last thing that he can do is to turn you down.
Therefore, for any case, keep someone behind.


Surely there is someone you see every day on the beach or in a pub where you go usually,
but it remains only sympathy, because you don’t have the courage to do something more.

But it’s time to take things in your own hands and catch him with any of the following ways:

Be direct and tell him openly that you like him or that you want to go out with him.

See how it will react in the unexpected situation.

The worst thing that can happen is to dump you, but you’ll know that you tried, and you don’t need any longer to lose time with him.


If you are not brave enough to do everything by yourself, take your girlfriends.

Connect your friends with his friends, start to interact, and it will be much easier to meet.

Offer a drink

Guys are used to honor the girls,
but you can change the game and he may like it.

Send him a drink through a waiter and wave with your hand when he gets it.

You made the first step, now the ball is in his field.

Surely he will not be able to ignore it.

Quite the contrary, it looks cute and he would definitely like it!


Challenge him
Summer sports are all around you, and it’s an ideal opportunity to attract his attention.
Get your girls and challenge him and his friends to a match in beach volleyball, who lose pay the drinks.

Ask him to hold your things
You and your friends want to enter in the water together, but you are scared to leave your bags and towels unattended.
Ask him for a favor and let him watch your things, so when you return you can do the same for him.
The ideal way to meet and continue socializing after swimming.