Get Ready for the Boxing Day – Best After Christmas Sales!


After the black Friday fever comes another special moment for those which are against spending lot of money before Christmas. So, very soon comes your special shopping day – The Boxing Day!

That is best day for shopping – the Friday after Christmas 26. December, also known as shopping holiday, shopping day with the biggest amount of returns and up to 12 million shoppers.

Stores open really early, which means 5 am or even earlier. And many of them run the sales for one week after that also known as “Boxing Week”.

So be patient, don’t rush, you will after Christmas surely enjoy in good shopping and your wallet will be thankful to you, regardless of it whether you want to buy some tech gadgets, new smartphone, or clothing.

eBay, Argos, Game, Currys, O2, Adidas, Marks & Spenser, GAP, H&М, PC World, Carphone Warehouse, Very, MobileFun and more have confirmed that they will support the Boxing Day with special offers over Christmas and New Year.

Unfortunately apple is not in the list of retailers which offer us special prices on the Boxing Day. But Apple has usually 12 days gifts promotion which is fair idea and also welcome.

Take a look of the list with the best sales offers here!