Geneva Motor Show 2014 – For All Car Lovers!


This year’s Geneva Motor Show will take place from 6-16 March 2014. What can you expect? On this show you can see few sections: motor cars and chassis with three, four or more wheels, electric and other alternative powered cars; design, refined cars, engineering and special bodywork motor cars; parts and accessories for motor cars; original equipment manufacturers; installations for maintenance and repair of motor cars; various products and services related to the car industry; and at the end of the list are the attractions / animations.
The PEUGEOT 308 was elected at this international Geneva Motor Show 2014 as the “Car of the year” which is the most prestigious and desirable car award in the world. It was elected by a jury of 58 car journalists from 22 European countries which have made their decision in base of four criteria: safety, innovation, quality and design. The winner, Peugeot 308, impresses with its weight reduction, the space management and the performance of its combustion engines. Moreover, the Peugeot has set new standards in terms of interior space: the Peugeot 308 is comfortable, ergonomic and light-flooded vehicle.
To discover all the news in the car industry you can visit the Geneva Motor Show 2014 and please share with us your impressions.