Future Car BMW Gina – Light Visionary Concept!


Are we on the threshold of reviving the ideas for futuristic cars, which our grandfathers only imagined?
Such car concepts we saw just in the science fiction movies …
Important information for all passionate fans of cars:

BMW is working on the newest BMW Super Car!!!

They will showcase the legendary car model BMW Gina created in 2008.
The concept for the new future car BMW Gina began in 2001, by the team lead by Chris Bangle. How does the beauty look like?!
With the development of the BMW GINA Light Visionary Model the BMW will present the trendsetting car concept solutions. Chris Bangle gave his first impression of the ideas about the BMW Gina philosophy. He said this car model offered him the possibility to “challenge existing principles and conventional processes”.


Geometry, comfort and adaptation are the keywords for this beauty & virtually seamless outer skin flexible fabric material stretched over a movable substructure.
In normal position, the car headlights are not active; they are hidden under special fabric cover and they stay in that position until the driver doesn’t need them.

The four panel’s vehicle is made of flexible, resilient stretchable, durable and water resistant translucent skin, resistant also on higher temperatures, with body which changes appropriate to the exterior conditions and speed.
The doors open in so called butterfly style.

BMW will present the GINA Concept Car this year From May 21 through September 7 at the Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas Exhibition, at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.
BMW Gina definitely revives the imagination of futuristic car concept of the 21s century.

Sarah Schleuning, exhibition director and manager of decorative arts and design at the High Museum of Art announced: “The concept cars presented in ‘Dream Cars’ demonstrate how design can transcend the present and offer new paths and opportunities for the future. While these cars were never mass-produced, they shaped the future of the automotive industry by challenging the notion of what is possible, technologically and stylistically.”

What about the BMW Gina price?!
According to wiki.answers.com it will cost more than 6 million dollars!

More about the newest futuristic surprise from BMW you can see on the BMW Gina video on YouTube.

Gina BMW car will change the traditional way of design, production and usage of a vehicle and offer more alternatives and contort.

On the exhibition in September at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta BMW will show every must know feature about the vehicle which will change the future, the concept and the way of designing creating and completely the perception about the vehicles, that we have.

Ken Gross, Consulting Director for “Dream Cars” had this to said: “Beyond its undeniable beauty, the GINA Light Visionary Model was an advanced, water-resistant, translucent textile-bodied concept car with a virtually seamless fabric exterior skin that could change elements of its shape on demand. And it wasn’t just a fanciful exercise.”
He added:
“The GINA study helped BMW to develop rapid manufacturing, digital tooling techniques and a robot-guided steel embossing process to create the complex hoods for the production of the BMW Z4 M Roadster and the BMW Z4 M Coupé,” .