Flexible Future with Corning Willow Glass – Facts and Benefits!


The ProducerCorning Incorporated, first known as Corning Glass Work (until 1989) is American company founded in 1851 by Amory Houghton in Massachusetts.

The name Corning Incorporated means at the same time “world’s leader in specialty glass, ceramics and related materials”.

With over 162 years’ experience, they consistently contribute to the field of science, engineering and technology; especially they contribute to the field of telecommunications, smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers.

What means Corning’s Advanced Glass?

Advanced glass is the most important component of today’s interactive devices and smartphones.
The glass is highly adaptable and durable, so it enables high quality displays and touch-screens features.
Corning Willow Glass enables thin, light and cost-efficient applications on the slim displays, offering the device at the same time the possibility “wrapping around”.

It may be processed at high temperatures (up to 500 ° C), which is very important for today’s high quality displays and devices.

Corning’s Advanced Glass finds application in both types of displays Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) and Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) and it will definitely gives contribution to the construction of curved displays.

Corning’s most famous customer is Apple, which guaranties the importance and quality of the glass.
They use so called Gorilla Glass the iPhone’s and iPad’s , and there are already some rumors that the Apples iWatch smart watch will have display with curved-glass.