Find Out Which Cars Are Compatible with iPhone and iPod?


Many of us enjoy listening to our favorite music in car. Not long ago, this meant turning and turning the knob around until you find a respectable radio channel. Then it came out the tape player and soon later we were recording our favourite songs on CD and put it in the CD player in the car. These systems were usually large and awkward and prone to failure. That also usually meant turn the CD’s looking for the one you want to listen, which usually you left at home.

This story comes to an end with the mp3 player, iPod and smartphones. So the car companies have left the expensive CD players and focused on building into the cars mp3 connectivity and the latest trends of including iPhone and iPod connectivity with the appearance of the smartphones and iPods. Let’s take a look at the cars that feature iPhone and iPod compatibility.

Ford maybe is the top one company that had roll up the sleeves. They have developed in car system called Sync that lets you make and receive phone calls on your iPhone and play music from your iDevices. Also it has a voice recognition which allows you to receive calls and change tracks hands free.

The next one is Volkswagen. It has an iPod connector built into the car in the glove box or arm rest, so you can Plug and Play. The new Volkswagen has built in steering wheel controls so you can skip songs and set up the volume on your iPod.
Audi has a specially designed crib for your iPhone that will charge and connect it to the car. It has also a built-in steering wheel controls that allow you to scroll through songs and artist which appear on the centre console.

For iPhone connectivity Fiat uses Microsoft’s Blue and Me system. Precedent models needed a special adapter to function with the Apple kid, but the new models work like the competitor’s models with 30-pin connector, steering wheel controls and Bluetooth control and connectivity.

This French company uses an Oxygen Audio O System that instantly connects your iPhone to your lovely car. Renault has also built a stereo with an especially made iPhone cradle that turns your iPhone into e stereo and it can be found in the budget Twingo models.

Peugeot has one of the nicest iPod integration which is natural for one of the most budget cars. It offers connect your iPhone or iPod via Bluetooth or wired connection, but there is option to connect via USB or SD card. You can also create a Wi-Fi in your car using a SIM card with a supplied box.

Mercedes-Benz’s models have also steering wheel with special music controls and you can make calls via Bluetooth. They have an especially made UI in the center console that connects with your iPhone.

Have in mind these cars when you’ll be buying a new car and choose one of them if you want to use your iPhone and iPod Technology for Cars while you are driving.