Find out Which are the Top 5 Features of the New OS X Mavericks!

os-x- mavericks

Apple promoted the new headlines on the World Developers Conference in Juni, in San Francisco this year.

According to Apple and the announcements for this fall, Apple is planning for 22 October once again an event. Possibilities include presentations with the focus of the new iPads, Apple TV and the redesigned Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks.
They announced the appearance of the new world’s advanced desktop operating system OS X Mavericks.

What are the main features that we should expect?


OS X Mavericks begins a new era in the in the world of reading books, offering the possibility to have every book which you download on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, also on your Mac. The iBooks Store Family offers more than 1,8 million books.

If you enjoy reading books, this is the right tool for you; you can study via your Mac, take notes with your favorite color and don’t care to which page you are on. iCloud will make it for you!


for all lovers of trips, OS X Mavericks offers the toll Maps, making your trip more interesting via interactive 3D experience, and the gorgeous views such as Flyover .

You can get info’s about  the hotels and restaurants nearby, addresses, phone numbers and what is very important for every traveler, you can get the real-time traffic conditions and routes.


is the toll, which we use every day for creating notes and events which are important for us. Via this feature you can plan your time and daily obligations better and simpler.

Safari is there for offering you a cleverer browsing on the web pages, connected with your Twitter and LinkedIn profile, reminds you which are your favorite most visited pages or plug-in content you don’t want to visit and see.

iCloud Keychain

is your friendly Your tool, which gladly saves and remembers your user names and passwords and protects them via robust 256-bit AES encryption.

So it is clear, OS X Mavericks will offer new cleverer experience by the features and energy-saving technologies.