Find out Which are the Top 10 Free Android Apps at this Moment!


1.Facebook for Android


The reality is that we are all Facebook fans. Therefore we need to have access to Facebook at any time, regardless of whether we are in the mountains, on the sea or in a desert …
Thanks to Android for the opportunity to achieve that via this application, fast, stable, practical… and most importantly free!
So download it on your Android smartphone and enjoy the conversations with your friends, share comments, photos and videos, play games and stay updated.



Over 250 million people worldwide are using Skype as a simple solution to communicate with their relatives, friends and colleagues via instant free call, message or video call.
This app offers the possibility (via low cost SMS and calls), to keep in touch with the people you want, even if they’re not on Skype.
It is simple and very useful, because of the availability on:
Smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs, and also on TVs

3. Viber, free messages and calls


Using your phone number as an ID (via 3G or Wifi ) you can use Android App Viber and feel free to call your friends from your mobile phone from everywhere with HD sound quality
The app informs you which of your contact list friends already use Viber, so you can add the people you want to call.

You can also have more fun by sending stickers, expressing better your mood
Available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone …

4. My Piano


Virtual piano app, for all music lovers! It is so realistic, with 7 quality sound effects and 11 available instruments (Piano, Pianino, E-piano, Rhodes, Organ, Synth, S-bass, Guitar, Saxophone, Vibraphone, Pizzicato).
You can play instrument with great features in every opportunity and have fun alone or with your friends.

5. WordPress for Android


Something that every blogger wants to have – Free Word Press Android application also known as wpToGo.
Now you can drink your coffee in your favorite coffee bar on the beach, prepare your text for your blog and to share online with your blog fans.
It is simple for working, updated with the latest Word Press version.

6. Winamp


The free app Winamp media player allows you to hear your favorite radio station everywhere.
This app has the last updates also for support for Mac syncing and iTunes

7. BBC News


This is a sophisticated free Android application for the most current information of the world, designed for android as a stylish page.

8. Seesmic


App which shows you the latest tweets, offers you support for more accounts with great profi design.

9. Talking Tom Cat


If you want to have fun and relax your mind, you can download for free this application and talk with the cat TOM.
There is also his friend, neighbor Ben.
The cat actually repeats everything you say. Especially cute is it when you laugh, then laugh also TOM together with you.
You can buy him stylish clothes and accessories, and have even more fun.
Enjoy the adventures and laughter with TOM!

10. Instagram

And there is also Instagram as one of the 10 most popular apps at this moment.
More than 130 million people around the world use this app and just love it!
It is great app for everyone, especially for the photography fans, allowing you to capture and record the beautiful and funny moments in your daily life.
You can edit the pictures using some special effects and share your photos and videos with your dear people.
Read more about the Instagram features here!