Find Out Which Are the 6 Hottest Celebrity Luxury Houses ?!


“Home is where your hearth is!”

Yes, that is definitely true.

But some of us have multiple homes and cannot decide where exactly their home is, because they have more; house for party, house for vocation, house for living …
But we have to understand them! They are searching for their own corner and peace far away from the eyes of the curious paparazzi. If they succeed in this?! I am not so sure!

One of the priorities is large backyard with swimming pool and greenery and of course more garages because all have more luxury cars.
They are young, famous, beautiful & sexy … we are following their every step …

We are watching them on TV, we are reading about them and their life every day in the news and on the social networks. Yes, we definitely must admit, it is interesting to know something more about Rihanna, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Brad Pitt & Angie … about their summer holiday, about their relationships, kids, cars etc. But to be honest, one of the most top kept secret about the celebrities is their living area, because that is the place where they recharge the batteries and try to find their peace.

Forbes, Ellie Décor and many others made interesting lists about the homes of our favorite stars, with the main idea to bring us near to the stars we adore, to show us something more from their everyday life, some hidden secrets of their everyday and their living corner.

Because we must be honest and must admit that every information plus is welcome

Mariah Carey
The mega rich diva, together with her husband Nick Cannon and the twins have already their base in Los Angeles, but also other living corners on Bahamas and New Yourk City.

The big royal family must have big living area. According to Daily mail.
In October, 2013 they bought their newest house in the royal district of west London Kensington for £30 million. They have already engaged designers to assist the renovation, so they will give the house own personal charm.

Rihanna’s Home in Beverly Hills

The beautiful pop diva owns the 11,000 square foot mansion in the Pacific Palisades worth about $12 million, with 7 bed rooms & 9 baths. Yes RiRi has different bedroom for every day of the week.

Taylor Swift
The cute little girl grew up and became famous thanks to her songs about her ex-boyfriends, and now she can afford to herself buying a luxury house for about $4.8 million. Why not?!

Miley Cyrus
She belongs to a club “rich and famous” which can afford themselves the luxury houses of the dreams. Now Miley owns a mid-century modern style house in Studio City, Los Angeles for $3,900,000

Justin Bieber
We all know that he enjoys partying, and as mentioned above he has a house to live in and house parties also known as – Justin’s party palace, worth $6.5 million with 6 bedrooms, 7 baths, home theater and of course swimming pool.

Problematic for the neighbors in any case, but he is not preoccupied with that at all!