Find Out What Makes the Futuristic Vehicle Toyota i-ROAD So Special!


The pollution problem traces the road of finding the best solutions, and so the producers of auto are inspired in constructing electric vehicles with zero-emissions. The four-wheeled electric vehicles are heavy and expensive and they don’t offer any easier moving through the traffic than a regular car.

Toyota offers a solution, the new i-ROAD concept that was promoted at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. It is a small, three wheeled electric-powered concept that is a mix of a car, motorcycle and golf car with design as a personal mobility vehicle. The Toyota i-Road Electric Vehicle uses a unique, “Active Lean” technology to bring a safe, entertaining, driving experience without helmet with up to 50 km on a single charge.

It has a very compact design: 235 cm long, 144,5 cm height, base of 170 cm, and the most surprising dimension-width of only 85 cm, circa the same as a conventional two-wheeler.

This provides the ability to conduce it freely through the most entangled traffic. Besides this provides the possibility to park four of the new Toyota PMVs in a single car parking bay. The Toyota i-Road’s has a lithium-ion battery that gives power to a pair of 2 kW electric motors seated in the front wheels.

It combines speedy acceleration with almost silent running, this futuristic vehicle can pass circa 50 km. The recharge of the battery it takes only three hours and it can be made on a conventional power station.

It does not requires a special driving skills to conduce, its Active Line system allows an extraordinary driving experience retaining all the benefits of the two-wheeler riding with the only difference that the driver doesn’t have to balance the vehicle himself when stops or in slow speed manoeuvres. Toyota consider that this electric personal mobility concept is the ideal solution for the reduction of traffic jam and the air pollution in the urban environment.