Find Out The Top 7 Remarkable New Upcoming Technologies!


There is no doubt that we live in the era of the new technology and we can’t imagine our everyday life without it. Have you heard about the newest invention in the field of the technology? In continuation we offer you the top 7 upcoming technology, some of which already have realizations while others are still in the stadium of idea:

Google driverless car
This is a concept of a “self-driving car”. The leader of this outstanding project is the Google engineer Sebastian Thrun. The project team has organized a road testing with at least 10 equipped cars, accompanied by one of the team’s drivers with outstanding driving records in the driver’s seat and one of the Google’s engineers in the passenger seat.

Google Glasses
The Google Glasses are strong and light, amazingly simple to use giving voice command totally hands free. To take a picture with them you should only say “Take a picture”. With these innovative glasses you can record what you see and share it in live. You can get directions right in front of you. Speak instead of texting a message. See the world in your language thanks to the World Lens that translates printed words from one language to another, in real time.

Air to fuel
It’s a totally revolutionary project that offers stable, secure and sustainable alternatives to the world uncertainty in relation with the future of fossil fuels. The idea is to produce oil using air and water in a similar process like the natural photosynthesis produces oxygen. The British company “Air Fuel Synthesis” converts carbon dioxide and water into synthetic hydrocarbon liquids that can be used in the production of sustainable fuels or other oil based products.


The biotechnology is a science field based on biology that develop technologies that improve the lives and the health of the planet world. One of the innovative products is the Bionic Hand that applies on the human body without surgery and it’s controlled by the human brain signals. This hand allows people without fingers to have completely functionally hands, with which can handle small objects. With this hand the people also will be able to receive touch signals from the hand skin sensors.

Leap Motion

The Leap Motion Controller allows you to interact in a whole new way with your computer, using your natural hand and finger movements. It doesn’t replace the keyboard, mouse or stylus, it works with them and it doesn’t require any special adapters. It is incredibly sensitive tracking all 10 fingers up to 1/100th of a millimeter, in 3D so it is surprisingly precise.

Invisible Bike Helmets

In simple words, the invisible bike helmet is an airbag for cyclists, that can be already founded on the market. It works with sensors and algorithm that make difference between biking and accident, and when it detects irregular movements it activates the airbag that is placed in a collar on the cyclist’s back. The airbag is made in extra-strong nylon fabric that protects a much larger area than a regular helmet and provides extremely soft and gentle shock absorption. There is a possibility to turn it on/off and you can charge it through a computer using the USB cable. This incredible helmet also it has included a black box inside the collar that records 10 seconds of the cyclist’s movement from the accident.

FORM 1 3D Printer
It is a printer that prints a 3D objects that combines great design and solid engineering. It uses stereo-lithography (technology used for producing models, patterns, prototypes, production parts) blowing away plastic extrusion (FDM) performance. You can preorder this product.