Find Out More About the Top 10 Most Brilliant Highlights of CES 2014!


CES 2014 – Welcome to the world of innovations! This is the Place to be: The International CES show offers consumers new horizon’s of the digital world.

It is held every year since 1967 in Las Vegas and brings new technological breakthroughs in 15 categories, like audio, automotive electronics, gaming consoles, Computer Hardware & Software lifestyle electronics and more, which definitely change and improve our daily life and our reality.
There are also a lot of weird technological innovation’s,  but everything is made to collaborate in favor of innovation and improvement of  the everyday life


Here are the top highlights of this year’s CES show, classified above all in the following main criteria:
Here are the 10 Most Brilliant Highlights of this year’s show:
LG Lifeband Touch & HRM Earphones – the best activity tracker ever! – It is small cute and sympathetic, wraparound with OLED display. It is simply device which confirms the fact that the wearable tech era is booming. It is important for the CES 2014 show because it is the first wearable device from LG.

The display lights up by switching on with accelerometer-based fitness tracker and enables you full range of fitness data!
It is your perfect fitness company. It is similar to the others fitness bands — but it has extra feature; it connects with external heart rate monitors, simply wireless Bluetooth connection via the LG App Fitness, call notifications, music & volume control.
This device should be available on the market for everyone in the first half of this year.


Whirlpool is the Concept, which turned into reality. It enables you to have Connected home and connected living environment, designed by 2 Mexican artists.

It lets you know information’s like: when is the best time for energy usage or gives you food preservation notifications. It also has Laundry App which informs you about it how to wash the clothing, so everyone will be able to help and wash the clothing without problems, not just one person in the household.

Interactive Cooktop is also interesting application, which enables you to get notifications about the weather or also about the ingredients of your meal and it has touch, but also voice control. You can also interact with others via your Refrigerator by CoolVox Sound System, Bluetooth and Harman Kardon speakers.

One of the favorites is also the Mimo Baby Monitor. It can follow your baby’s respiration and skin temperature in real time, and this you can track on your iPhone. It costs just $199.99
Favorites on this year’s CES show are also the high resolution LCD TV’s especially Panasonic with the prototype Studio Master Drive 4K LED TV and Sony 4K resolution XBR-X950B series

Another innovation which was demonstrated on the show and must be mentioned is the Samsung bendable TV, the beginning of the new bendable TV-s era!
They announced the concept on the CES 2014 show, but didn’t confirm that the device will come out this year on the market.

Stay Fully Connect with your home and fell safer and better also when you’re not home!
The SmartThings Labs takes care about the objects and devices, offers you multi-functionality systems, lights in your home and simply organize them. With a simple press on button you can turn them off/on or lock/ unlock the doors via your smartphone or tablet.
You can also organize the things which happen while you are asleep or you are not at home.

Lumus DK40 smart glasses are another good part of this year’s CES 2014 show and the smart glasses family. They offer you the possibility to see the world via through the Wearable Display and applications like Typical applications
Catch some news and video contents via your glasses while you are on a break and never miss a thing from your favorite show or sports. You can also read emails, text messages, or attachments and also play video games anywhere and anytime in 3D and above all discreet unobtrusive appearance.

Driver less cars
They are my favorite part. Can’t wait to earn enough money and have one!

It drives you everywhere simply and safe. You don’t have to worry about anything, you can read your favorite newsletter, drink a coffee or watch some movie while you are driven by your autonomous vehicle. The biggest companies BMW and Ford

Audi presented their autonomous car A7 takes the wheel at CES 2014 and called the drive – Piloted Driving.

BMW, FORD, Toyota and other big companies work on it, and still experimenting with the technology, but it will definitely be very soon part of our daily lives.

And another part of our daily live is also our Toothbrush.

On the show was demonstrated the Kolibree’s connected electronic smart toothbrush, the first worlds connected toothbrush.
You can connect it with your smartphone via Bluetooth and the application Kolibree’s mobile with API which inspires you to brush your teeth and gums more correctly.
It records how you brush your teeth and the main idea is: healthier teeth!

It comes out in the third quarter of 2014, and will cost about $200

The Glyph headset offers you incredible experience.
The Glyph is designed as mobile ear and eye display headgear, for watching movies and for games displaying 3D content.
It can be used with iPhone & Android devices and also it can be plugged into TV via HDMI 1.4.

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