Fashion Report Card of 2015 for Bollywood Celebs


Since time immemorial Bollywood divas have worn sarees, lehengas, suits and Anarkali suits at premier shows, film fares, TV series, films or red carpet events that have become a runaway hit and an instant fashion.

Brides-to-be planning their wedding trousseau always keep track of the latest outfits and designs worn by stars and drama queens and choose similar style outfits.

They feel really happy to flaunt something similar to what the celebs are wearing. Young girls love to buy Anarkali suits, designer sarees, Bollywood sarees, lehengas and other outfits that are very much in vogue and choose only those that are similar to celeb outfits.

Bollywood divas determine the fashion trends to a large extent in India.

So it is worth keeping track of who really looked stunning at the award galas or the red carpet events and who really disappointed us by wearing unflattering and boring outfits and designs.

As we are waiting for new fashion trends to emerge and evolve in the New Year, let us examine the fashions hits and fashion misses of the year 2015 in Bollywood.
The Incredibly Impressive: The Winners

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh has been a major fashion hit in the year 2015. There is something extraordinarily appealing in his persona. His couldn’t care less attitude speaks volumes about his determination, personal style sense and grit. He has tried everything from sporting casual pajamas at award functions to showing off in floral tuxedos.

This has been an eventful year for this hot favorite Bollywood star. Everyone in the audience has been floored by his style and personality.

Fawad Khan

The Pakistani sensation has invaded the showbiz in Mumbai. Fawad Khan is a major craze among the young girls today. His handsome features, his style and his magnetic personality have won millions of hearts. His wardrobe has an impressive collection of tuxedos and formal suits.

He looks incredibly handsome in whatever he wears as he knows to carry himself with major confidence. He however, sometimes comes up with fascinating sartorial blend and flaunts colored pants or metallic blazers and slim fits.

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is a fashionista in her own right. If you consider all her captivating public appearances in 2015, this ultra-sophisticated star has made us completely forget what is meant by safe dressing.

She has been really adventurous all through 2015 flaunting stunning silhouettes, unusual hairdos, out of the world accessories, dramatic numbers and lots of grit. She is one celeb who is never scared of taking risks and has given a whole new dimension to style and fashion.

Alia Bhatt
This year has seen Alia bloom into a full-blown fashion diva, from the fresh debutant we all previously viewed her to be. She has tried on a whole plethora of incredible looks, from chic retro styles to fun teenage looks, and each outfit has been better than the last.

Besides her dress sense and on-point makeup scene, her hairdos have been incredible too, adding quirk or elegance whenever needed.

The Unimpressive:

Deepika Padukone

Her inclusion on this list is most unexpected, as her figure and personality are absolutely surreal. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the best year for Deepika Padukone in terms of public appearances.

Her most recent venture was a period drama, and for those promotional events, she was either seen flaunting too much bling, or pairing together odds and ends which really didn’t complement each other.

Sonakshi Sinha

Her indomitable spirit has allowed her to take critics and doubters in her stride, and she has seriously upped her fashion and dress sense.

Unfortunately she has made a few poor, misguided sartorial decisions which backfired during the first phase of 2015.

Kriti Sanon

Over her recent promotional tour, Kriti made several rather underwhelming appearances. She played on both ends of the spectrum, too mellow or too cluttered, but was unable to strike a balance. She looked lovely at a recent awards function, but that was a rare appearance. She is a tall, tall girl, and in a desperate attempt to not tower over her male co-stars, she ended up making some genuinely terrible footwear choices.

Huma Qureshi

When it comes to dressing sense, the rule of thumb is to identify the best clothing for your body type, and steer clear of styles which don’t. Unfortunately, no one seems to have given Huma these pearls of wisdom.

Her face is suited to traditional wear or jumpsuits, but she has made several appearances in outfits which are voluminous to say the least, and look quite unflattering by pleating up and accentuating the wrong areas.