Facts About Gigi Hadid the Answer How She Made the Imperfection Look so Perfect


Gigi Hadid is one of the most famous supermodels in the world right now, but despite the millions of headlines and Instagram updates, there’s still a lot we don’t know about her.
She is so cute positive natural which makes her sexy and special.
She is prototype of the modern girl like any of us, but she has that special power and she showed us how to make our imperfections look so perfect.
How does she do that? She is just normal and natural. Here are some facts about her you surely want to know:

Her Real Name is: Jelena Noura Gigi Hadid, her mother gave her the nickname GIGi and it stayed
She was born in April 23, 1995 in Los Angeles, California.
She loves eggs. She is not a veggie or salad type of person
Gigi is a real royal: Through her father Mohamed Hadid, she descends from Daher Al Omer, Prince of Nazareth and the Sheikh of Galilee

Social Media break


She definitely enjoys her life but like despite other famous people she knows How to handle the fame. She respects her fans and is thankful, but also knows to take some rest of the social media and find some time just for herself and for the loved ones:

“I’m taking a month off, actually, during New Years. I’m not deleting my account, I’m just taking the apps off my phone. It’s empowering, not just for people in the spotlight, for everyone. At the end of the day I’m choosing what I’m showing you. A lot of the world feels so entitled to other peoples’ lives, which is so crazy. I’m going to take a break when I feel like it, and when I come back and share it with you, if you want to be supportive and still follow me, that’s great. But, if you’re going to be upset that I need to be human for a month, than maybe I don’t want your follow anyway.”

There were already also a lot of negative comments about her body and the engagements for big companies like Versace, GUESS, Reebok and Victoria’s Secret because she according to the haters has not the perfect body!
In response to this she gave great powerful dignified and confident answer: “No, I don’t have the same body type as the other models in the shows,” she wrote. “If I didn’t have the body I do, I wouldn’t have the career I do. I love that I can be sexy. I’m proud of it.” The post raked up more than 300,000 likes on Instagram.

And do not wonder, but she adores burgers. She said: “My personal motto is: ‘Eat clean to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane”

So not to having the perfect body doesn’t mean you cannot be a great super model !

Gigi’s first steps as a Model


She was discovered by Paul Marciano, of Guess, for the campaign Baby GUESS . She worked for Guess since she started with IMG in 2013.
In November 2014, GIGI made her debut in the Top 50 Models at Models.com and this year In 2016, she was named International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council in partnership with Swarovski.

Accepting her international model of the year award, Gigi said: “I just want to say that I know that I’m in the generation of social media, and I’m so blessed for that.
“But the fashion industry is my family, and you guys are the ones that I’m here for.”
Fighting back with her tears she said: “To everyone who has been so genuine and looked beyond what the rest of the world looked for, that has meant so much to me.”

Gigi and the school

In 2013, Hadid graduated on the Malibu High School, where she was captain of the varsity volleyball team and also competitive horseback rider

After high school, she moved to New York City to focus on her studies and her modeling career.
Gigi started learning criminal psychology at The New School beginning in the fall 2013 but interrupted studies to focus on her modelling career.

As a child she stopped modeling because she decided that she want to have normal childhood: So, I kind of stopped modeling. I just wanted to have a normal childhood and go to high school.
So put the career before the School which is not so bad decision!

Gigi and Victorias Secret

As I already wrote in my previous article, we must admit that she is totally adorable and she definitely deserves the wings.
The moment which makes her even more adorable is her reaction after her short walk at the casting for the next Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.
She wrote on Instagram: “Couldn’t keep back my tears!!!! Anyone that grew up with me knows that getting this show has been a dream of mine forever! THANK YOU @victoriassecret & @ed_razek! One of the happiest moments of my life,”
The casting director asks her: ”What are you doing on November 9th and 10th?” Watch her cute reaction …

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Gigi and Kendall


Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are BFF but they are also related.
Gigi explained it for Daily Mail like this:

‘My mom married David [Foster], who was married to Linda Jenner [now, Thompson], who was Bruce Jenner‘s ex-wife [now Caitlyn Jenner].’
‘We’re related through divorced marriages,’ or to clarify:

Hadid’s mother was married to the music producer David Foster. Foster was previously married to former beauty and songwriter Linda Thompson. Thompson’s first marriage was to Bruce Jenner, and together, they had two children, Brandon Jenner and Brody Jenner.
So, basically, Gigi’s stepfather was also the stepfather of Kendall’s half-brothers.
They also have common hashtag on Instagram – #kengi.
Despite mixed family relationships you can be can be a good friend with a person, even the best

Gigi Bella and Anwar


They are one of the most popular siblings at this moment worldwide, and you will surely agree with me they are even more adorable than Kardashians.
Gigi and Bella, both are working in the model industry, but despite other siblings in this case there is no place for jealousy.

Bella and Gigi Hadid Have Their Own Victoria’s Secret Barbie Dolls after this Years Victrias Secret show, where sisters were definitely highlights.
They are both very supportive to each other and also their mom Yolanda Foster always support and cheer them. After this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Paris she posed a snap with Gigi and Bella as toddlers, dressed up in white feathered angel’s wings.
She also wrote on Twitter: Hurry Home Angels…… #ChristmasTime #HotChocolate #GingerbreadHouses
Also Anwar, Gigi and Bella Hadid’s 16-year-old brother is the next ‘it’ model!

So having siblings working the same job like you doesn’t mean she must be your rival; in this case they are even stronger, they support each other.

They simply love each other, enjoy the life and the work together and also are great example for sister – sister relationship.

“I mean my sister is my best friend, my mom is my best friend, my brother is my best friend,” Gigi’s sister Bella added in support. “And you know when we need each other we’re always there and you know automatically no matter what we have.”

They showed us that the imperfections can be so perfect not just as a most successful models on the planet but also as a young people living their best lives. Things like: falling on a runway, unknowingly revealing a nipple or stealing clothes from a loved one — do not faze the Hadid sisters.
They also inspired us to live our best lives:

“Guys I’m a professional break dancer now I forgot to tell u” Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) September 15, 2016

While closing the Versace show during Milan Fashion Week, Gigi’s left nipple popped out of her dress, which had a plunging, loosely draped neckline.
Much like her sister, she brushed off the incident on Twitter.

“Wadrobe malfunctions happen on the runway every day of fw & are…unfortunate,lol,but let’s talk instead about the new VERSACE CHOKERS” 😍😜🤘🏼✌🏼 — Gigi Hadid (@GiGiHadid) February 26, 2016

Gigi’s Thyroid disease

Yolanda hasn’t only used social media to detail her battle with Lyme disease — she’s openly discussed her illness on RHOBH.
She and Bella and publicly announced their battle with the Lyme disease without prejudices, quite the contrary in an effort to help others.
Gigi also revealed week something the public never knew about her, as part of a panel discussion for Reebok’s new Perfect Never campaign, Elle reports: She has a thyroid disease.

“My metabolism actually changed like crazy this year,” she said during the panel. “I have Hashimoto’s disease. It’s a thyroid disease, and it’s now been two years since taking the medication for it.”

Gigi Hadid revealed that she’s battling a condition called Hashimoto’s disease, which is an autoimmune condition in which the body attacks the thyroid gland.
It causes a litany of unpleasant symptoms — but it can be treated.

Gigi and real father Mohamed Hadid

Jordanian-American real estate developer of Palestinian origin Mohamed Hadid, is famous as father of the siblings we adore Gigi, Bella and Anwar and Ex-husband of Yolanda Hadid, but he is also known for his extremely successful career building luxury homes and hotels, which explains the extravagance of the mansion he currently lives in with his wife Shiva Safai, Le Belvédère .

He s always support his children same as his ex-wife Yolanda, also at the last Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 … When he was asked whether he financially assist his children he answered with joy: “no the two very successful models are on their own.”

So having wealthy parents does not mean you should not trying in life and not to work hard to earn own money!

Gigi and Adriana Lima

After some rumors that Adriana Lima thinks Gigi and Kendall are spoiled and just pretty faces without a talent, appeared Lima’s response and denial of the rumors:

“Absolutely not true, magazines sometimes make a big buzz to sale creating negative and false reports. I absolutely love those 2 girls and I can’t believe sometimes how negative those magazines can be. This kind of news go[es] against my character and against the values that my mother taught me,” wrote Lima
So stop the rumors, the gorgeous angels cooperate great and Gigi together with Kendall have only compliments from more experienced models Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio.

Gigi and Zayn


After one of the quickest reported breakups ever in 2016 Gigi and Zayn got back together.
Love, understanding and spending time together defines their relationship. She helped him to fight anxiety.
She also brought Zayn on a visit to her mother.

Stronger than ever! He revealed they live together and he adores cooking for Gigi he told daily Mail:
“She loves Yorkshire pudding”

At the end of 2016 he asked Gigi to marry him. But she apparently didn’t accept, not because she doesn’t love him but because she is only 21 and doesn’t feel ready.
Looking her mother passing through two messy divorces, she really wants to be 100% sure before taking the next major step
Yolanda Hadid totally approves of this relationship. Writing on Instagram in September 2016:

“Happiness is seeing your kids happy and realizing they turned out to be really good and genuine people,” she wrote in her caption. “#Family #Love.”

Last week Gigi also was spotted wearing a simple ring on her engagement finger despite reports she turned down a marriage proposal from Zayn Malik.

According to reports from E! and popsugar.com Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s Romance Is Almost Too Hot to Handle and the couple are doing better than ever.

Gigi and Yolanda


It is so simple they are example for mother daughter relationship. This statement says enough:


“My kids, they know they’re blessed. They’re grateful for all the opportunities that come their way every day, so they never complain,” she explained. “You know, sometimes they’re tired or they call because they’re in uncomfortable situations and we talk through it. I’m their foundation when it comes to the daily incidents that might happen in that business, but they were prepared. They started this journey prepared to take it on. I’m grateful that they’re doing as well as they’re doing.”


One of the celebrities which become normal education and are not spoiled. Yolanda hopes they all will be financial independent at the age of 21.
Yolanda revealed in October that Bella, 19, and Anwar, 16, have been secretly battling Lyme disease for over three years
Yolanda revealed that her two of her three children — Bella and Anwar – also have the disease

About dating too Many Men here is Gigi’s logical and totally normal answer as a shut down for the haters:
In March, a Twitter troll tweeted this at the supermodel: “@GiGiHadid practise how to walk properly instead of having a new bf every 2 weeks.” (The tweet has since be deleted.)
“I’ve dated 3 guys in 3 yrs, hun. My walk can always get better; I hope the unrelated bitterness in ur heart can too.” https://t.co/BrsLY1akML — Gigi Hadid (@GiGiHadid) March 23, 2016

Gigi is 21 and she really knows how to celebrate


Parties, planes, and killer style, famous friends like Kendall Jenner Taylor Swift Lily Aldridge and adorable boyfriend Zayn.
As a trendsetter she made new rules for celebrating birthday party, she wrote on the social media:

“Birthdays should never be limited to just one day—why celebrate for only 24 hours when you could celebrate for 168?”
The model welcomed the start of her Birthday Week in the best way possible: by hanging out with her family, parties with friends in Las Vegas nightclub Intrigue, massive cake and the boyfriends song Pillowtalk in a background, branded customized booze bottles and a surrounded by lots of beautiful friends, beach party with the family and the cute Zayn besides her.


Creating an amazing look chic sexy and cozy at the same time. Her #OOTN (outfit of ~the night~) was even cooler than her #OOTD (outfit of ~the day~). She stepped out in thigh-high stiletto boots time and a camel shade mini-dress and dark red lipstick.
We will now wait for October 2017, when the little sister Bella Hadid turns 21 and it will be surely the next special 21 Birthday party!
Hadid’s celebration was one for the ages and it also might have been the party of the year.

HBD Gigi!

Gigi Hadid and Cody Simpson


In December 2013, Hadid went public with Australian singer Cody Simpson after a lot of cute Instagram posts together. They were on-off for years and broke up peaceful explaining they have busy schedules.

They also posed nude together, wearing nothing but towels, photography made by Mario Testino in March 2015.
Gigi and Cody still speak kindly of one another.

Cody has been “taking a little time” for himself after the break-up. He stated in interview:
“It’s just kind of the natural way things go. You’re going to expect that kind of stuff, I’ve kind of been going a different way, taking a little time for myself just hanging out and keeping it low key, and working on my music…
“But I’m always very happy for her and her career and that type of stuff,” he added. “I know how hard she’s always worked to kind of get to the point in the modeling industry that she’s at now, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. We still talk every now and then. It’s nice.”

Gigi has never taken a sick day

“You know, I’ve never taken a sick day. I just realized! I feel that pressure of not taking time for yourself because you don’t want it to affect your professionalism.”

Screaming helps her release stress.
“Literally, screaming into a pillow helps. One time I was on set for a beach shoot, and my mom said ‘go scream into the ocean. It relieves the tension.”

Gigi Hadid is named one of PEOPLE Mag’s World’s Most Beautiful Women and you surely will agreeЧ she totally deserves it!

Natural beauty, original in everything she does, trendsetter positive and strong woman at the same time, not ashamed to talk about her flaws and to face them.

Тhere are too much to talk about her, comes something new and more in some next article!