Exclusively: Testing The Samsung Galaxy S5 Inside The Lab!

When you spend a few hundred of bucks on a new phone for sure the last thing you want to happen is to fail on you in a few days.

Manufacturers have this fact in mind, that’s why they subject their phones in many testing processes in way that they can be sure their phones work perfectly in every aspect. One of them is surely Samsung, which tests their Galaxy series, including the newest Samsung Galaxy S5.

We invite you to take a look inside the laboratory where Samsung makes this tests and which is located in Suwon, South Korea. Inside this lab, the engineers make every kind of testing like will the phones survive a fall or how many times the home button can be pushed before it breaks.

Testing the radios inside the phones, the foam material absorbs the waves and simulates a wide-open environment without walls.

Testing how the radiation from the Samsung’s gadgets can affect other electronics in the home.

These liquids in the tubs imitate the fluids inside the human body. This is the test on how much radiation absorbs the human body from the phones.

Testing the dust resistance.

Testing the shock resistance.

Testing the durability of the home button.

The machines are used for drop testing, the falls are recorded with high-speed cameras.

Testing the call quality.

Testing how the phone will handle the different background noise.