Energizer – Keep Challenging, Keep Going and Growing

Always Ready and Energized


What makes Energizer so special?

What is Energizer? Battery? Bunny? The positive Energy?

Energizer means endless energy, represented above all by the battery and the bunny.

But Energizer Holdings means much more: batteries, chargers, led lamps, personal-care products; it is a huge company, situated in about 160 countries worldwide, which loves challenges, loves finding new creative ideas and products, which makes our daily lives more interesting and the world better place for living.

Energizer is not alone in the idea “Keep Challenging, Keep Growing”. Energizer includes more than 30 brands, Energizer®, Eveready®, Playtex® Schick®, Wilkinson Sword®, Hawaiian Tropic®, Banana Boat®, Wet Ones®, Wilkinson Sword®, Edge®, Skintimate® …

Energizer stimulates the colleague and the costumers to think “out of the box” and always to be ready for new positive and practical innovations and creations.

They have a three part harmony focused on:

Healthy and clean environment, recycling

Taking care about the society by creating partnerships, building healthy relationships among the colleagues and collaborators, donating and making with that one positive difference in the world.

Assurance to the share owners

Interesting moments of the Energizer history:


1980 Eveready Battery Company creates the Eveready Alkaline Power Cell, named Energizer

In 1986 Eveready Battery Company was born.

In 1896 the National Carbon Company made the first dry cell battery Columbia , 1.5 Volt. This Company became later the name Eveready Battery Company, today known as Energizer.

1898 Conrad Hubert, Russian inventor known for electric flashlights, created the first electric flashlight.

Eveready made the first D size battery for this flashlight.

​1956 Eveready invents the first 9-Volt battery

1957 Eveready created the first commercial watch battery

1958 Eveready introduced the first NiCd rechargeable battery system

1959 Eveready founded the first commercially viable cylindrical alkaline battery

​1960 the company produced the first battery for watches and hearing aids

1988 The Energizer Bunny is born, the lovely Energizer marketing icon

1992 Energizer represented the world’s first and longest lasting AA lithium battery for high tech devices.


1995 appears the first Energizer on-battery tester

1996 first energizer LED light

1998 energizer celebrated 100 years of portable lighting products

1997 Energizer represented the first NiMH rechargeable high capacity batteries

2000 was brought out the Titanium Technology

2001 appears a new dispenser for hearing aid batteries

2003 comes out the first AAA lithium battery

2006 Energizer introduced the first Cell Phone charger Energy to go

2007 Energizer introduced Portable Power for the iPad

2010 Energizer represented innovative packaging for the products, updating new strategy and design

Energizer lights up the celebration of light (also this year 2013 in april), music and running or also known as celebration of positive energy Energizer Night Race

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