Eneloop XX Battery – Energy Without Limits!

Energy without limits – New Eneloop XX battery, which will change the future!


You were not satisfied with the little capacity of all low-self-discharge batteries? SANYO cares of its customers very seriously and consequently is releasing XX powered by eneloop.

The new improved version of the eneloop family XX coming soon – in February 2013. And what’s more? The new year brings the new eneloop XX in AAA size X.

The rechargeable battery XX powered by eneloop suits devices with medium-to-high power consumption and is coming fresh out of the package. That means they will still be charged when you buy them and many months later, so they will be much more useful than the ordinary rechargeables.
As a result of the low self-discharge the batteries retain up to 75% of their capacity even after one year of warehousing.

Improved higher capacity and low self discharge!

sanyo-eneloop-xx 1
SANYO Component Europe GmbH (SANYO)
SANYO Component Europe GmbH (SANYO) introduces its new and improved eneloop XX precharged with solar energy. The AA batteries now offer an improved nominal capacity of 2550 mAh (3UWXB, minimum capacity 2450 mAh), that means a 50 mAh better performance. They are ready for immediate use, and have low self discharge technology, which has been improved by 10% compared to previous models.

And for those who want to have the batteries in AAA version, the renowned eneloop XX is also available in a AAA size with nominal capacity 950 mAh (4UWXB, minimum capacity 900 mAh).

Both sizes have a nominal voltage of 1,2V.

Eneloop XX – batteries are the perfect choice for powering high current consuming devices such as photo strobe flash lights, but also for wireless keyboards, mice, game controllers, radio controlled toys and a range of household devices can all realize extended performance when powered by eneloop XX batteries.

Photokina, the world’s leading imaging fair, confirmed that a lot of professional photographers already trust eneloop XX. The batteries were specifically designed to master extreme conditions which is especially handy when it comes to outdoor activities as the eneloop XX continues to function well even in temperatures as low as -20°C.