Electric Car Revolution by Tesla!


Tesla claims that the owners of their electric cars will be able to drive circa 500 km / 300 miles without stopping. Furthermore, it will be possible to restore half of the battery life in just 20 minutes.

Next month the first models of the Tesla’s £70,000 Model S Performance Plus car will arrive in Britain.
For that purpose it will be installed the first charging station in Britain at South Mimms. The Tesla’s drivers could charge their cars for free and the other drivers will be charged a one time fee for unrestricted service.

According to the company’s founder Elon Musk, Tesla’s drivers will soon be able to drive the length of this contry with only one 20-minutes break. That is, the newest model S Performance Plus can travel 300 miles on a single charge. After that the drivers will be able to add an extra 130 miles worth of charge to the vehicle in just 20 minutes.

Tesla’s model S is the third highest-selling luxury car in California which is stimulated by the charging networks in America, starting from Canada to the Mexican border and also from Pacific to Atlantic coasts.

The electric cars available on the British market at the moment have range of up to 100 miles and have to be plugged in over the night to recharge their batteries.

The ‘range anxiety’ of the drivers is one of the main reason for the low popularity of the electric cars in Britain but also the main cause for the bad success of the expensive government campaigns designed to promote the use of the eco-friendly electric vehicles.


Only 1,547 electric cars were registered between January and April this year in Britain beside the fact that the government spends millions on publicity campaigns and charging points.

If the model S accomplishes the company’s claims on charging range and time, Tesla could be a ‘game changer’ and would satisfy 98% of the drivers.