Driving Experience With Apple and Tesla Motors Sounds Like a Great Idea!?


Do you adore Apple articles? I am sure that 99% of the answers are YES of course.
And there is no reason why not to adore the Apple Articles, knowing the fact, that they are really made with extreme precision, dedication to every detail, to work seamlessly and at the same time to have great design.
Despite all incredible Apple articles iPhone, iPad, Mac Notebook, Apple TV, iWatch … having an iCar sounds like a quite tempting and cool idea.
So one way for Apple to get into the car business would be the collaboration or ownership of some existing automotive company, like Tesla Motors …
According to some rumors and announcement since the spring 2013, there is a big possibility for Apple to buy Tesla Motors.

And it definitely makes sense!

The both companies have similar ways of designing. And above all they are concentrated on the minimalistic design.
The idea was given by Steve Jobs, before his death. He informed once The New York Times that he really like to build a car. So maybe very soon it will be reality.
The rumors say that this car will look like the Tesla’s S model, with excellent minimalistic design, advanced electronics and smooth functioning and will cost about $30,000 which means it will very affordable.
“Connected car” is a hot must do idea for tech companies, because of the possibilities to incorporate software and hardware into cars. Apple started with the announcement’s about implementation of their software onto cars, named “iOS in the car”. It means that a hands-free interface to the car’s dash will enable drivers to control music, to get direction or to take calls without distracting them from driving, or notification center, which will inform the driver where to charge up the batteries next.
According to the article of San Francisco Chronicle there was a meeting last year between Apple’s representative and Tesla’s CEO and PayPal’s co-founder Elon Musk, but without any concrete details.
The giant from Cupertino is not the one who want to explore and improve the world of cars  Google also works on it with their driver less autos, to offer better autos to this world and to keep people safer on the road.
People think of Apple as a computer company or more recently a consumer electronics company. But how they see themselves actually?!
Apple understands itself as a company that exists to save and change the world from terrible content consumption and communication interfaces.
With the buying the world’s most innovative electric-car company, Apple will continue the tradition of investing in future technologies which improve our daily life and change the future.
The co-operation between innovative companies leads positive and innovative high-quality products. However, there are no clear reports that can elucidate Apple’s interest in cars.