Divergent: Science Fiction Love Story Which Will Definitely Touch Your Heart!


We are living in a world where technology controls and dictates the functioning of a large part of our everyday lives.
Imagine for a moment the battery of your smartphone is empty. You feel like you’ve gone millennia years back in time, stop contact with the world and with civilization at all.
Do we live in a time when if you don’t have a smart phone or tablet you are different from the others? Is it normal or not?

Does technology leads to a stage when we slowly starting to look just like robots.
Or we are living in the time when the feelings are slowly starting to be controlled and suppressed and we starting to look just like robots?!

Am I normal if I am different, or am I just divergent?! The meaning of the world divergent is being different or developing in a different direction!
The main question in the movie is: Does the difference from the others makes us dangerous?! I would say the difference can make us even better!
The movie is classified as science fiction action film as well as romance, directed by Neil Burger, on the basis of the novel by Veronica Roth.

The movie is also the first part of the The Divergent Series, produced by Lucy Fisher.
Which is actually that seemingly perfect society? Does it really it exists?!

The movie is definitely worth watching. It will make you think of where we are and where we are going. At a time of technological revolution does true love, which wins everything, still exist? Watch the movie and feel free to share with me your opinion.