Disney: Find Out Which Are The 11 Best Disney Junior Free Games!


If there is a thing we all have in common, it is definitely the childhood memories and the moment that we all were crazy about Disney. For some of you that “Disney Moment” are the Disney cartoons and for the others that are the Disney games

Some of you have realized, the others not yet, the idea and wish to visit Disneyland.

When I have prepared the text about The Newest Game with Batman, I came up with an idea to check some news and remind me about Disney world and the Disney Games.

I also made the list about the 11 Best Disney Games we know and played, so take some time, check it and feel free to leave a Comment:

Tom & Jerry

The game and the funny fight between Tom and Jerry newer end

Of course we are always on the Jerry’s side, to help him to reach the mouse hole before Tom catches him.

Power Rangers

Choose your perfect ranger and fight with the enemies


Together with Batman they are one of the favorite heroes of every little boy


That funny crazy family … the game is about to walking through theirs house, finding objects, talking and interacting with the family: Bart, Marge and the Kids


The adventures of the Child of the Jungle are interesting whether on the cartoon or on the game while helping him to complete his lewels

Ninja Turtles

Ochh .. I miss them, the great turtle team; they have shown us what means real friend and team player

Super Mario Bros

I don’t need to talk about him. It was game created in 1985. And in 2005 was awarded by the IGN (formerly Imagine Games Network) as the The Greatest Game Of All Time!

So funny, so lovely so sympathetic …

Also the music in the background was great, also now I feel like I am hearing it in my head


One of the earliest Disney games and at the same time one of the best

The Lion King

It was not only amazing movie, but it is also an amazing game. Sega Genesis version of Lion King is also known as the best game version of it!

Dark-wing Duck one of the best characters Disney ever made on movie and game


You surely know Aladdin and Jasmin and their magic flying carpet…

The game Aladdin was designed by two video games developers: Virgin Interactive and Capcom.

There are different opinions about it which one is better, but the version Genesis by the Virgin Interactive is more popular, above all because of the gorgeous graphics and solid controls