Discover The Magic Plan App For Your iPhone!


MagicPlan is an application for creation of floor plans. It is a free app and easy to use. With MagicPlan a kid can create a floor plan without measuring, without drawing in just a few seconds just using a smartphone or a tablet. If you happen to watch an architect you realize that creating a floor plan is complex process. It requires a lot of expertise, special tools and always it takes a lot of time. That’s why the floor planes are usually expensive.


MagicPlan makes people architects and designers. You to create a floor plan by your own using this app. You should only use the camera of your device and mark the corners of the room while turning around. When you are finished, Magic Plan creates the floor plan. You can create a floor plan for the whole house. It begins to be essential when buying or renovating a house.

For now on it runs only on iOS platforms but the creators are working on that to expand the possibility to use this app also on Android platforms.
So if you have an iOS device, download this application and have fun!