Digibuddy Power Banks – Top External Battery – Your Perfect Buddy for Always and Everywhere!


Welcome to the world of quickly and simply battery charging!

Digibuddy Power Banks are external batteries always there for you so you can charge your smartphone without power always and everywhere!
Digibuddy makes your fast lifestyle so simple, stress-free and more convenient, even more simpler as you could ever imagine.
It is your perfect buddy, always by your side and it will never let you down.
Various applications
Easy to use
Expand your digital life up to four times.
How does it work?
In one word: easy!
You should charge the Power Bank digibuddy at home

Therefore you use the included Micro-USB cable and connect the external battery pack to your computer.
Or you simply take a micro-USB charger, which the most smartphones use.
So while you are on the road, you can charge your smartphone with the Digibuddy Power Bank anytime and anywhere!
We all have to admit the recharged battery on our smartphone while we are out with friends, on some party, festival or some trip is of viral importance.
It is also the perfect must have gadget for your camping.
Having digibuddy Power Banks safes your nerves time and makes you relaxed and prepared to enjoy every situation – No stress, no worries!
Depending on your needs there are three sizes digibuddy Power Banks for you:
Powerbank small: 4400 mAh
Powerbank medium: 6600 mAh
Powerbank big: 11000 mAh
Make a choice, and with diggibudy Live Life Without Regrets!