Differences Between Titanium and Tungsten Wedding Rings


In the past, people preferred to purchase jewelries made of gold or silver. The situation became challenging when brides had to choose wedding rings for their marriages. Same problems were faced by men. They faced difficulty in deciding on their wedding rings.

Nowadays, conducting a marriage ceremony is a costly affair. However, these rituals cannot be avoided. Things that can be considered for keeping the budget under control is the material of the jewelry, design of jewelries, etc.

Gold and silver are pricey metals. You suffer the brunt when the jewelries are studded with diamonds. Diamonds can be replaced with other moderated priced gemstones. Even metals like gold and silver can be substituted with affordable metals like titanium or tungsten.

Tungsten and Titanium Are Reaching Popularity
Tungsten and titanium are considered as alternative metals in the jewelry industry.

Some ten years back, these metals were being made available in the consumer market. Varying styles, designs, prices, etc have made these metals popular among consumers.
Though the prices are moderate for titanium and tungsten, certain differences exist between these metals. Here are some points of consideration which you should make before buying titanium or tungsten wedding bands.


When you compare titanium and tungsten, you would that titanium is more ductile than tungsten. If you put titanium ring under high pressure, the band would bend in short time. However, tungsten carbide ring retains its shape after experiencing heavy impact. Therefore, it is safe to wear rings made of tungsten carbide.

Hardness Property
Tungsten and titanium are considered tough against conventional metals like platinum, gold and silver. You have to note the tungsten and titanium do not possess hardness in pure form. It is the properties of their alloys that add strength and robustness.

Tungsten carbide is obtained by blending tungsten and carbon. Tungsten carbide is harder than alloys made of titanium. Tungsten carbide can be damaged when subjected to abrasions with diamond.

Titanium has low density when compared with tungsten. That is why titanium is light in weight. Alloys of titanium are around 43% lighter than stainless steel. Tungsten carbide is almost 90% heavier than stainless steel.
It is preferable to wear wedding bands crafted with tungsten because it would give you a feel that you have put on something on your finger.

Hypoallergenic Property
When people are given a chance to choose between gold and silver jewelries, many of them express concerns whether those jewelries would suit their skin or not. Buyers show similar concerns with titanium and tungsten jewelries.

Some jewelry made of tungsten and cobalt result in skin complications. However, tungsten blended with nickel is hypoallergenic.


Titanium can undergo reactions with various chemicals and can form alloys of different colors. Jewelers deploy anodization techniques for crafting colored patterns on titanium rings. Titanium is generally available in gray color. However, an alloy formation can lead to black color. Jewelries made of tungsten carbide are black in color.

Engraving Factor
If you compare jewelries made of titanium and tungsten, you would find that the former can be resized and engraved easily. Tungsten carbide rings can be engraved under harsh conditions. Generally, engraving in tungsten rings is done with a laser. However, after engraving, you would find that the alphabets or numbers engraved are difficult to read.

Production of titanium does not require bulky equipments. However, the production of tungsten carbide requires a temperature of thousands of Fahrenheit. Therefore, heavy weight equipments are used for producing tungsten carbide. Prices of titanium wedding rings are lesser than tungsten rings.

These are some of the differences between tungsten and titanium. Titanium can bend easily as compared to tungsten. You need a robust jewelry which is made of tungsten.