Did You Know That This is Their Last Moments of Their Life? Photos of Amy Winehouse and Many More..


Life that we know can easily slip out of our hand, and it is a sad fact.
Unfortunately, a lot of amazing people in this world, life ended much sooner than it should.
Inspirational, beautiful people who did not stay with us as we hoped they would.

President Kennedy shortly before the assassination.


Amy Winehouse on the streets of London, a week before her death.


Freddie Mercury poses in 1991. He died of pneumonia later.


Tupac Shakur and his manager Shug Knight on 13 September 1996. That same night Tupac was fatally shot.


Photo of Albert Einstein in his home in New Jersey, made a month before his death.


Anne Frank and her sister Margot in 1942. The last picture that is believed she “survived”.


John Lennon giving David Chapman an autograph. He shot and killed Lennon shortly after this photo.


Bob Marley in a company with a family member in Munich 1981, shortly before his death.


James Dean beside his new Porsche. He bought it 9 days before he died. Many believe that the car was cursed and guilty of his death.


Biggie Smalls posing with P. Diddy at the festival “Soul Train Music Awards”. He was killed after it.


Jim Morrison and his girlfriend in Paris, five days before the musicians to be found dead.


Keith Moon, the drummer of the band The Who, shortly before overdoses.


Marilyn Monroe spent the weekend with Buddy Gregg and Frank Sinatra shortly before her death. This is believed to be one of her last photos.


The blonde in the background is Princess Diana. The picture was taken a few seconds before she died.


Jimi Hendrix and his favorite guitar “Black Betty”. This photo was made one day before his death.