Developing a Career as a Credit Consultant

Credit Consultant

Becoming a credit consultant is not only personally rewarding but also gives you the opportunity to make a positive impact in people’s daily lives. Credit has become a lifeline for most income-earning adults in today’s economy.

People are landing in debt every day and they need someone to help them manage this debt and mop up the mess they create in their finances. Families lose their homes and people lose their businesses due to bad credit. As a credit consultant, you can be the saving force that helps these people restore their lives after such financial disasters.

Credit consultants evaluate individual financial status, state of debt and income to give advice and recommendations on what the client needs to do to improve the state of their finances. They help clients through debt management programs, developing budgets, expense tracking and debt consolidation.

Important skills/informations that credit consultants must have:

Educational background

In order to be able to evaluate client finances and address financial issues, it is essential to have an educational background in a financial related field. Having a degree preferably in accounting or finance is a great way to set of your career. Clients bring all kinds of financial problems to credit counselors; therefore having a wider scope of knowledge in financial matters will help do a better job.

Counseling and training skills

Good counseling skills are an essential part of the credit-counseling job. A credit counselor interacts on a one-on-one basis with clients every day. You need to be able to get the customer comfortable enough to talk about personal financial issues and it takes specialized counseling skills to do this. You can supplement your financial skills with a counseling certificate.

Advanced credit counseling certification

The Association of Certified Credit Counselors is the body that regulates and standardizes services provided by credit counselors nationally. In order to receive certification, you need advanced training in specific credit counseling subjects and pass qualifying examinations.

There are various recognized institutions that offer advanced credit counseling training and these institutions give examinations and credits approved by the association.

Being a member of the credit counselors association and receiving certification is also essential to earning the respect and trust of clients. Clients always want to work with the best and professionals who can be held accountable.

The association also protects clients rights by ensuring there accountability in any service or advise given to a client by a credit counselor.

On the job training and experience

You can start off by working in credit firms to get a better understanding of business operations. Debt management companies are always looking for credit counselors to join the team of professionals who help individual clients manage their finances. On the job training from seasoned professionals gives you the ability to handle practical cases with real clients, how to interact with the client, the creditors and solving various financial issues. With this kind of practical experience, you can venture out into opening your own private office or financial counseling firm.


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