CES 2015 – Which are the Top Tech Inovations This Year?!


All technology fans can celebrate and enjoy the news.

Very soon after the Christmas shopping fever and the Boxing Day comes the world’s biggest stage for innovations – CES International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (JANUARY 6-9, 2015).
The show started today. What to expect? I believe that you are impatient to find out more, so let’s begin.

New TVs

This will be year of innovative high resolution TV-s, on the contrary to the trend from the last year, bendable displays

HP, LG, Sony, Samsung, Philips, Sharp and other big companies already announced their 4K and 5K resolution display TVs with tiny crystals for better images and colors and even more additional options and more eco-friendly components.

So definitely the Living room screens are one of CES’s centers of attention.

Some of them will be even more sophisticated and offer playing PlayStation directly through remote, with no additional equipment.

Smartphones, Smart-watches, Smart Homes

Sony, Samsung, Goldkey and also Kodak announced new fresh smartphone models. Especially interesting is Kodak, which will offer interesting sharing and printing options.

There are rumors that the best seller smartphone in China Xiaomi would come out with a new improved model.
Goldkey announced special wrist smartphone, which should work independent without any additional connections with the smartphone.

This year’s CES will also be special with the “Smart home” innovations, or smart ideas for connected homes.
That means all electronic devices in your home will be connected and will communicate with each other and also with you.


So you can activate the alarm with voice command, remote control, smartphone or tablet, you can also see what your children are doing,

you can activate the washing machine via smartphone and also the garden sprinkler system so it will be the great place where you can relax and refresh yourself after work.

Now you don’t have to worry about it, whether you turned off the cooker or the coffee machine.

You can check it via your smart device and peacefully continue the obligations at work.



CES 2015 has also separated special place for the wearables, which are especially interesting and important to athletes which will track data, calories, will record record the shots while playing basketball for example etc. One of them is also the racing suit by Vorbeck and also the heart rate reading prototype T-shirt by Cityzen Sciences


Another section will be the 3D printers and 3D printed articles which in my opinion will reach its culmination this year, and also there are the smart connected (also self-drive) cars announced by Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen and other big companies. With their self-driving concepts, the cars will be able for self-park, inform you about it whether your driving is ecologically friendly, and also with smart emergency systems.


Other stuff which will the show are small things that are normal part of our daily life, but this time they are coming in new versions and will definitely make the Virtual reality part of our daily life.


And what exactly should we expect?
Some of the announced “other stuffs” are the drones & robots, then smart toothbrush which also offer playing video games, Bloototh for tracking your pet, children, keys etc. than baby’s dummy by Pacifi Smart Pacifier which can measure the temperature and send the data to the parent’s smartphone, smart ring which shows you notifications, dog collar which offers you the possibility to connect even more with your dear pet and see the world from its point of view directly via your smartphone …