Brennenstuhl – 5 Star Smart Energy and Technology!

Brennenstuhl is one of the top companies worldwide within the field electronics and electrotechnology.

Brennenstuhl-LogoThe company was founded in 1958 by Hugo Brennenstuhl in Tübingen Germany.

In the 1970s, began the international expansion with the founding of Lectra Technik AG and Lectra Trading AG in Switzerland.

Today, there are production facilities of Brennenstuhl in France, Austria, Switzerland and also in China.One secret formula of the company’s success is be continuous creative and enthusiastic.

In 2008 Brennenstuhl celebrated the company’s 50th anniversary.

Brennenstuhl-motion-detectorThe accession to the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), the leading business enterprise which unites more than 1000 companies, committed to enhancing the conditions for work and life applied in all sectors and resource states, was in 2010. In 2011 Brennenstuhl has implemented the Five-Star Technology – concept for innovations, quality and safety.

Brennenstuhl product assortment includes articles for power distribution like cable, strips for electricity supply,

Brennenstuhl-Air hose reel

reels, cable boxes, overvoltage protection devices and also home and safety engineerings equipment (e.g. video surveillance systems, intercom systems and smoke detectors). Brennenstuhl company won  the established award “iF product design award”, that is symbol and guarantee sybol for superior design achievement.


Every Brennenstuhl success story and the annual sales of more than 1 Million articles is just a reason plus to work with full energy and to innovate


further strong products.

Quality and appropriate electric and electronic equipment can make the life more beautiful and more comfortable. That provides Brennentsuhl!

The Brennentsuhl articles are divided into several categories:

Power distribution: cable boxes, cable reels, power distributors, extension cables, connectors and adapters. Power strips,


travel adapter, plug adapter, table sockets, cable management products Surge Protection Products:

Lights, spotlights and bulbs: mobile lights, battery operated lights, portable lamps, stationary emitters, Wall-mounted lights, energy saving lamps, incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, LED flashlights, LED night lights

Home Security ; Safety: Smoke detectors, heat detectors, gas detectors, carbon monoxide detector, water detector, fire extinguishing blankets, infrared motion detectors

Workshop, Home and Garden: test equipment, measuring devices and detectors, air hose reels, water hose reels, climbing equipment

Solar technology: solar house numbers, solar LED outdoor lighting, solar energy kits

Brennenstuhl cares about the environment!


Important contributions to energy saving in households are the power strips with a so-called master-slave technology by Brennenstuhl.

If the main device – such as a computer – is plugged into the master socket labeled, peripherals such as printers and monitor are connected to the slave sockets.

save-eneryIf the main device will be switched off automatically, the peripherals will be automatically disconnected from the mains. This saves considerable energy when not in use.

You can always Brennenstuhl, because of a collection of safety certifications and environmental labels as well as the environment protection certificate Blaue Engel (blue angel)!