Brand New Payment Method: Face Recognition Payment System!

face-recognition- payment-system

Take a look at the future of payment. The Face Recognition Systems nowadays are used in the police investigations, but there are many tentatives that prognosticate that the face recognition will be the basis of the payment in the future.

Imagine a day when you are on vacation in some beautiful beach and you don’t have to concern where to put your wallet. Biometrics will be very soon normal part of our daily life!

Uniqul Oy is a company that provides the world’s first face recognition payment system. Their patent pending technology allows to shorten the time of the transactions to nearly zero seconds. The main office of the company is in Helsinki, Finland and they are providing standardized and customized payment systems for small and large sized retailers.

Uniqul’s face recognition system is going to turn our faces in credit cards. They use military grade algorithms to make their system impeccable secure. So you’ll have to stand in front of the camera and let your face been scanned so the algorithms in background can process your bio-metrical data in order to find your account in the data base meanwhile you’re approaching the cashier.
The company claims that they have developed the most secure and convenient payment system by reducing the transaction time from the average of circa 30 seconds to less than five seconds. All the major credit cards can be used in this payment method. This is the most personalized and enjoyable shopping experience.

The usage of this system won’t be free of charge. To have this benefit in your payment process you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee. There are different fees depending on the zone covered by the face recognition payment system: 0.99€ for 1-2 km radius from an user chosen point; 1.99€ covers the area of specified city; 2.99€ for shopping in one chosen city and nearby suburbs; as last 6.99€ that cover all the worldwide Uniqul points.

Can you imagine yourself paying without wallet nor credit card and only with your face? It is like a scene from a futuristic film but the development of technology probably will make us taste the future very soon. Personally I can’t wait to try this new method of payment and forget about my wallet.