BMW Will Use Laser Headlamps In The i-Series!


BMW has announced that they will use lasers into the headlamps of their i-Series. Until now we were used to see the lasers related to reading CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, to correct blurry vision and many others medical procedures. But from now on we have to get used to relate the lasers also to the auto headlamps. Actually, the German automaker BMW announced the innovation, showcasing the technology on its i8 Hybrid Sports Car Concept.

According to this automaker, the lasers have an illuminating power that is 1000 times more powerful than the Light-Emitting-Diodes or LEDs which provided until now the greatest wow effect of all the existing bulb technologies. BMW says that the laser lights can be much smaller than the conventional lightning systems and also they can use less energy to operate.

Maybe you got until now in mind the good known warning not to look directly in the laser because it could blind us with its intensity. You don’t have to worry about this: although the BMW laser light technology is powered by lasers, the important thing is that when you look in the auto headlamps, actually you are not looking at an actual laser.

Indeed, in every light there are 3 blue lasers located at the back of the headlamp onto a set of mirrors that are closer to the front.

The Laser Energy is focused by the mirrors into a lens that is filled with yellow phosphorus that emits intense white light when is exited by the blue laser.

Then the white light shines backward onto the reflector, which bounces the diffused white light forward that comes out of the headlight case as a powerful beam that is still able to be gazed upon.

So there is no way to blind yourself if you look directly in the laser headlights.

You can not even accidentally injure your eyes because of the way the beam is directed, than reflected and at the end displayed out of the headlight casing.
But what will happen if, for example, an accident occurs? Will then the light laser slice through people or animals? BMW says that in case of accident the power gets automatically cut to the lasers.

Concerning the power consuming, according to the producer, the BMW i8 laser powered lights will save energy compared to other systems. Although the lasers are brighter than the LEDs about 1000 times, the system uses only about half the power. If you drive hybrid or full-electric car, that means that the remaining power can be used to operate also the engine.

Given that the laser-powered auto lights can give more brightness for their size, they can be much smaller in way that the designers will dispose of more flexibility for the aerodynamic shapes.
It remains to be seen if this innovative laser headlights will be a regular option on the i8 Concept Vehicle that should arrive by the owners this year.