BMW i3 and SolarCity – Fully Electric Driving and Emissions-Free Solar Pleasure!


We are living in a technological era and also era of renewable energy, when everything is made to work better, more practical and simpler and to consume less energy.
BMW is also part of the major companies, which continuously improves the models they design with in order to improve our everyday life and urban mobility, also to contribute to future generations an at the same time to make a favor to the environment under the famous BMW slogans like:

“The Ultimate Driving Machine”

“Sheer Driving Pleasure”

“JOY” & “Designed for Driving pleasure”.

With the BMW i3 part of the i-family -BMW fully electric city car, they brought of the market the car, which “defines the automobile of tomorrow. “
Constructed with innovative eDrive engine, EfficientDynamics emission-free technology and ConnectedDrive Services, with the price of $45,000, provides comfort and enjoyment which only BMW can offer.

Elegant design, leather seats and recycled plastic interior with the LifeDrive Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP ) concept of an electrified future, including sleek design and leather seats combined with sustainable touches like a recycled plastic interior.

Fully charged the battery has a range of 80-100miles, thanks to the high-voltage lithium ion battery.

The batteries need 11 ours for recharge, or also they can be charged faster via so called Rapid chargers for the i-series BMW cars, which you can order directly by BMW.

BMW i3 is more than just an electric car.
It unites innovative mobility services which support the BMW i3 car, during and after the journey.
BMW this It contributes to environmental protection and improvement of human life and everyday safe driving to the wanted destination.

BMW announced partnership with the company SolarCity, which is great surprise for the clients and will help those which want to buy BMW i3 or i8 series to offer more benefits via the solar systems and also to become 10% discount for the solar systems installation in their households.

They also offer solar-powered EV charging stations.

The i3 is already available on the market and the i8 should be available in 2015.

Rob Healey, BMW’s EV Infrastructure Manager said: “With help from SolarCity, BMW i-series customers will have the opportunity to maximize the commitment to sustainability”. He also mentioned about the importance of the benefits from the partnership between SolarCity and BMW.

“This partnership makes the more sustainable fuel option—emissions-free solar electricity—also the more affordable one. By making renewable energy far more accessible and affordable for its customers, BMW is helping to bring clean transportation into the mainstream.”

BMW is not the first auto company, which made a partnership with SolarCity The company is already working with Honda, Ford and Tesla .