Best 10 Free Apps For Your iPhone!


There are many apps available for your iPhones and iPads and surprisingly the most of them are free. Check out the list of top 10 iPhone and iPad apps that we chose for you which include applications for photography, news, travel, social networks and more.

Please share with us which one is your favorite or add your favorite free app if it is not in the list.

1. Facebook: The world’s most popular social network offers a little bit tight experience on your iPhone and iPod touch. Besides that you can access your news, contacts and other important information. The easy communication from your iPhone, maybe makes this app superior to the use of Facebook on desktop browser.
2. PhotoSynth: This is a really great panorama app, especially the fact that your panorama takes shape while you are capturing it.

3. Runkeeper: Previously there were two versions of this app: ‘pro’ and ‘free’, but the developer includes now all the features in one free version. It is very cool app for those who practice physical activity. With this app you can track your jogging and cycling routes, count your burned calories and examine all the details and mapping of your pace. All the activities can be shared online.

4. Dropbox: There are a lot of apps for transferring files between your computer and your devices. However Dropbox is free app that is easier to use than the most of its competition. Collect the files you want to sync in a folder on your computer and access them through Dropbox from any device and download them for offline viewing.
5. Skype: Face time is a great replacement to the standard voice calls. The interface is usable and simple and everyone with a Skype account can make free calls to other users and very cheap calls to anywhere in the world.

6. Movies by Flixter: This app allows you to discover the nearest cinema that shows the film you are interested to watch and displays the times your chosen film is showing.

7. TonePad: This app uses a grid-based interface that allows you to turn notes on and off in that way you can compose pleasing loops that can be edited, saved and shared with other users.
8. Twitter: The app rapidly rolls in new features from the web, as Discover views and Connect, with expandable tweets that contain videos and photos.
9. Wikipanion: This is the Wikipedia app for your iPhone and iPod allowing you an easy search, navigation and display of Wikipedia entries. This free application gives you quick access to article sections, bookmarking, viewing options and also the ability to tweet about whatever you have just read about.

10. Evernote: It is an easy to use app that helps you remember everything in all the devices you use. With this app you can organize yourself, improve your productivity and save your ideas. You can create to-do list, take notes, capture photos and record voice reminders. After that you can access all the notes from anywhere.